Weapons of opportunity simply put are anything you can use that can get you home safely at the end of the day.
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Weapons Of Opportunity: How Everyday Objects Can Save Your Life

What exactly is a weapon of opportunity that you would use for self-defense? I’m glad you asked. OK, yes, I know if you weren’t interested, you wouldn’t be reading this. Let’s get into the subject a little bit.

What Are Weapons Of Opportunity?

Traditionally when I bring up the subject of a weapon of opportunity or a “common object for self-defense,” most people immediately think of a pistol or rifle, knife, ax, or bulldozer. OK, I’m just joking about the bulldozer. However, I’m sure you get my point. The truth is I’d like to try to get you, the reader, to open the scope of what can be used as a weapon of opportunity to create a successful ending if or when violence comes your way.

The bottom line is that I want you, the reader, to be able to immediately assess what’s around you and what tools you can use for your self-protection. When you realize that everything around you can be used as a weapon, you’ll never feel like you can’t protect yourself.
The critical point is to be observant of your surroundings and, better yet, have a pre-attack plan of action.

The KISS Method

If you have read any of the articles I’ve written previously,( if you haven’t, please go and do so, I’d like to continue doing them). All of my articles are based on the tried and true kiss method. Keep it simple stupid. If you require complicated education, my writing is not for you.

So on to this topic of weapons of opportunity, I will give you the simplest explanation of what they are. This article will provide a simple understanding, with much more specific articles in the coming months. I break weapons of opportunity ( aka everyday objects that will save my ass) into four categories: Shield Group, Stick Group, Edged Weapon Group, and Liquids Group.

This article will give you a Coles notes version of each of these. We will dive deep into each subject and each category in the coming months.
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Basic overview of the four groups for common everyday objects for your self-protection.

Shield Group

A shield is nothing more than an object that will create a barrier between you and the attacker and the attacker’s weapon if they are brandishing one. A shield object requires two hands to hold, so you’ll receive maximum effectiveness. Examples to open your imagination: a briefcase, chair, small animal ( just kidding), a laptop, you get the idea.

Preparing yourself by understanding improvised weapons will help you when the day comes as you face multiple attackers.
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Stick Group

OK, you don’t have to be Einstein to figure this out. However, let’s give a quick explanation and some examples. A stick item is something you can hold with one hand that gives you an effective distance to strike the enemy without necessarily being close enough to be struck back. Examples would be
Rolling pin, a shoe ( if you don’t think it’s effective, you’ve never been hit with a chanclas)

Edged Weapon Group

Again you don’t need to be a member of MENSA to know what an edged weapon is.
An edged weapon is anything with a pointy end or sharp edge. The industry calls these a Pokey Stabby, but not really; I’m just trying to be entertaining. Here are some examples: scissors, kitchen knives, pens, or pencils. Come on, you thought of John Wick. A screwdriver would even fall into this category. Feel free to go back and check out a previous article I did on this weapon of opportunity. Anything that can puncture or lacerate the skin, causing pain and suffering to the enemy.
Of all the weapons of opportunity, this group is the one most people gravitate to first. It’s also the bloodiest.

The Fluid Group

I’m not going to lie. This is my favorite group. Now we can go with gasoline or acid. However, I’d like to put my personal favorite in the ring for options. That would be spit. Yes, gross, that’s the first thought of the enemy as well) Regardless of the fluid, the idea is to distract the enemy so they will be less effective in attacking you. This group is to be used as a hit-and-run tactic. OK, yes, the acid will give you more time than spit. Just an FYI, if you use gasoline, lighting a match and setting them on fire is murder. Not even the late Johnny Cochran would get you off.

Training with stick weapons of any kind will go a long way towards saving your life someday.
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Grown-up Activities

A fun little game I have given to those I’ve trained with me is,” if I’m surrounded by a bunch of evil people, what can I use around me to hurt them?.” Game.

There are two games to play while walking around in your everyday life. Look around and ask, “if someone attacked me right now, what can I use as a weapon of opportunity to protect myself? “

Another game that keeps you focused in the present is when you see something, ask yourself, “which group does this fit in? Is it a shield group, a stick group, an edged weapon group, or a fluid group,”? When you’re able to look at all items, put them immediately into what you would use them for and how you deploy them, you’re doing a fantastic job at being present for self-defense and being present for what’s around you so you could use it in the heat of the moment. Side note it also keeps you aware of what can be used to attack you with, important info to know)

As I’ve mentioned, in the coming months, we will take a deeper look into each group for common weapons of opportunity. The primary purpose of this article is to whet your appetite and open your eyes and mind toward what can be used as a weapon of opportunity. Hint everything, as I’ve stated earlier, can be used as a weapon.

Key Takeaways To Weapons Of Opportunity

If the only takeaway you get from this article is that you will not depend on “a gun or a knife” as your only means of self-protection, then I have done exactly what I wanted in this article.

In closing, I hope that I have sparked your imagination as you walk along in your daily life. Hopefully not on your phone oblivious to your surroundings hint-hint) you will see something and ask yourself whether you could use that as a common object to save your life. Which group or category would this fall under

Stay safe, and let’s be a nightmare for bad guys.

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