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5 Unconventional Ways to Fight Boredom During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Well, looks like this coronavirus thing is going to be here for a hot minute.  While being quarantined sounded relaxing at first, you are slow losing your mind and must learn to stay busy; that’s why we are here to help with ways to fight that boredom.

Skillset’s Ways to Fight Boredom

Now, we know every website has their “Ways to fight boredom do while sheltering in place” lists, but we aren’t most websites. Monopoly and live streaming your living room workout will only make things worse. So, here are five “out of the box” ideas to keep you and your family on the right side of sanity.

Experiment With Your Facial Hair

We’ve found that being on lockdown makes it super easy to “just let things go,” so this works out nicely. I highly doubt you are shaving that mug on a regular when all you have to do each day is watch re-runs of “Full House.” So now that neatly trimmed beard you used to rock, looks like out of control Chia pet. Why not have some fun with it?

We aren’t talking about traditional type beards; save that for when your hipster lifestyle goes back to normal. We want to freestyle a bit. Handlebar mustaches, mutton chops, braided soul patch, the “Frank Zappa,” or, hell, even a Klingon beard is acceptable in this time of national crisis. Probably would stay away from that Hitler ‘stache though—can’t see that coming back in style anytime soon. This isn’t just for the men, either! Ladies, you too can participate with grooming. However, we’ll just leave that to your imaginations.

Fortify Your Castle

Regardless of where you live, nothing says family time more than turning your home into a bonafide war bunker.  From fortifying points of domination to building POW detention rooms to crafting Vietnam era booby traps; there are hundreds of ways to make your casa a black hole of death for any toilet paper stealing thug. Pick up a copy of 100 Deadly Skills for some fresh ideas!

Build a Potato Gun

Why not try your hand at building a mortar tube? Whoops, I mean a potato gun! Typical combustion launchers can fire that spud up to 500 yards and are very easy to make. If you are an aspiring engineering student, put that schooling to use and build a pneumatic launcher. Granted, spud guns are not federally regulated, however, each state has its own set of rules pertaining to the yam cannon. But hey, we are assuming that the end of days is here and if a cop is on your back, tell him you’re doing your part to feed the needy … from a distance. Not all heroes wear capes.

Learn to Hot Wire a Car

What if that last potato you sent down range actually busted someone’s grape? Now you need to get the hell out of dodge. In the days where gas may become scarce, learning to hot wire a car is a much-needed skill set in itself. Now, this only applies to cars from 1999 and older because post-2000 cars are almost impossible to hot wire. Good news though, nobody is stealing that Ford Pinto Runabout anyway, so she’s all yours! Do a quick Internet search while we are still connected and learn how to live that GTA lifestyle!

Build a T-shirt Business

OK, so maybe we overreacted a bit and this outbreak isn’t as bad as we thought. You have already been let go from your job and you just need to kill some time before the stimulus checks start rolling in. Why not become entrepreneurs in the clothing industry? Thanks to print on demand companies like Printify and Teespring, selling custom clothing has never been easier. Need a designer, but you’re on that coronavirus budget? Try looking on Fiverr. There are thousands of starving artists that will help you build those designs for cheap! Full transparency here, you most likely won’t be rolling in the dough anytime soon. However, you can easily make some post outbreak mailbox money until you’re back writing for Skillset again!

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