Empowered woman ad from the 1970s.
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Truly Empowered Women: We’re Real and We Exist!

“I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never, ever let you forget you’re a man — ’cuz I’m a woman!” — Enjoli Perfume commercial. If you have the entire Enjoli jingle now running through your head, then you were around in the 80s. If this was before your time, it’s worth Googling. Warning, you will probably have this song running through your head all day. You’re welcome. In the 80s, this was a bold, but not uncommon, message of feminism: The empowered women worked and could bring home the bacon. However, she also could fry it up in a pan. She cooked! She never, ever let her guy forget he was a man. Most importantly, there was still an element of class. The feminist movement of yesteryear is long gone. And what you thought was in your face and ridiculous then is nothing compared to today.

Empowered Women Today

Today’s feminist movement is composed of nothing short of loud, overbearing, classless, crude and hypocritical (I’m only stopping with the adjectives due to word count limitations) females who are so narrowminded they cannot be reasoned with. This is not me being mean, this is just fact. Feminists are demanding respect without acting respectfully. It defies all logic. They vilify men, accusing them of viewing women as sexual objects, all while they’re standing naked in the streets protesting. Hmmm, I’m more than boobs and skin, but here, look at my boobs and skin. Words such as “oppression,” “mansplaining,” “equal rights” and “misogyny” are so free-flowing it can be infuriating. 

The last time I checked, I am a woman. I am also a woman who is not emotionally delicate, nor easily offended. However, the modern-day feminist movement not only offends me, it is an embarrassment.  My gender has been made a mockery far more by these females than by any man. They’re in public wearing vagina hats on their heads — enough said. I don’t agree with their agenda, so they tell me I am misguided, as if I am unable to think for myself. This is exactly what they accuse men of doing to them, and it is such hypocrisy. From some angles, it’s even amusing. 

Me Too

Take the #metoo movement. This movement is supposed to combat and to bring about awareness of sexual harassment. Not exactly the most brilliant hashtag, though. The hashtag symbol is still commonly known as “pound.” So, it could be seen as reading, “Pound me too.” I’m sorry, that’s funny, and I don’t care who you are. It’s not equal rights they’re after. It’s not even special treatment they seek. They want to rule over everyone. Well feminists, I’m here to tell you, vaginal victory will not be yours.

I’m on a mission to take back my gender from these feminists. To truly show people what it means to the world, to be real empowered women. I feel like Wyatt Earp in the movie “Tombstone” — not after revenge, but a reckoning. (“If I see a red sash, I kill the man wearing it!”) I’ll just change “sash” to “vagina hat” and “kill” to “slap.” Seriously though, I am not alone in wanting to bring back what a truly empowered woman is. Women who understand what being a lady is still exist today.

A Woman’s Touch

No, we are not prudes and we can definitely hang with the men, but when we do we aren’t behaving like one. We also aren’t offended by every word that falls from their lips. Because we understand the importance of men and it doesn’t threaten us; we welcome it. We are self-sufficient and confident without demeaning the male gender. Still we are soft and delicate, yet strong and independent with the fortitude and intelligence to balance that mix. We understand a man’s needs and fulfill them, knowing in turn that he will do the same for us. 

Behaving like a lady is far from an unequal weakness. Men are needed for many reasons. We can’t do everything they can, and they can’t do everything we can. It’s not a disadvantage. We are equal, just in different ways. Marilyn Monroe said it best: “Being female is a matter of birth. Being a woman is a matter of age. Being a lady is a matter of choice.” 

So, if you’re suffering from “Vagina-Hat Fatigue” as I am, stand up for what you believe, despite their rants and temper tantrums. If you’re a man who tips your hat or opens a door for a lady, please continue. If she gets mad, who cares.  We are not the minority, we are a silent majority and we can stand up to these loud-mouthed feminist bullies. Men are being emasculated and targeted like never before. Our sons and daughters need to understand that masculinity is wonderful and truly compliments the art of being ladylike. Understood, they work together beautifully. And, on a final, positive note, these feminists are making the rest of us women look good! 

“When a culture of ladies arises, a culture of gentlemen will follow.” – Jason Evert

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