What's a great Super Bowl experience without a little food, beer and some good old fashioned tailgating?
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How To Throw The Perfect Super Bowl Party

Now, the big question is how to throw the perfect Super Bowl party. The day is finally here, the one you have been waiting for all year. Preparing since September, rooting and cheering for your team’s victory to make it to the last and final showdown of the best of the best in the football arena. The Super Bowl!

If you want to know how to throw the perfect Super Bowl party, you've come to the right place!
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How to Throw A Perfect Super Bowl Party.

Now, the big question is how you throw the most epic Super Bowl party of all time. This year, 2023, will be Super Bowl LVII in roman numerals, but to us regular folks that aren’t 9th-century Romans, those letters mean 57 .. it’s Super Bowl 57.

When you think of what we all do at a super bowl party, it’s pretty simple. You watch the game, eat fried food (air-fried these days), and socialize. Some parties may include games to keep it more lively, maybe even a few that involve some drinking.


This is the cornerstone of the entire Super Bowl, food. Most people will only show up if you are going to have food. You want to believe that your friends would be your friends without offering them free food, but that’s not true. They are pretty much there just for the food. Try a few fan favorites like the ones listed here:
French Dip Sliders
Pull-Apart Garlic Bread Pizza Dip
Mac & Cheese Pizza Bites Delis.

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

Apparently, this is a thing, and we should all try it. Some people will think the commercials will be the main event. How to play this is you use a pre-made Super Bowl card for the activity or DIY using a template or website that creates custom designs. Create squares for the type of product in the commercials, the tone of the commercials, and elements such as props or celebrity appearances that might happen in the commercial. Super Bowl Commercial Bingo.

Super Bowl Trivia

“Wanna play a game?” a super bowl trivia game .. wink. However, if this was being played at a party I was at, I would probably wish for Jigsaw to show up and kill me. Don’t worry, the critics said this wouldn’t be just fun, but this will be both entertaining and informative. Plus, you will find out which of your buddies has the most super bowl/football knowledge and who doesn’t like an irritating know-it-all.

This way, one person that answers the least amount can feel like a football idiot, and the others can feel superior. This way, your know-it-all guest can continue to tell everyone else at the party how much more he knows and how he is the best-of-the-best armchair quarterback or how in his fantasy football league, he is the coolest loser out of the whole bunch.

If you just Google Super Bowl trivia, you can ask questions like “Which team has the most super bowl appearances?” and “Which college has produced the most super bowl quarterbacks?”… the answer is CAL U. They’ve produced 5 QBs.

Our favorite part of any Super Bowl Party is without a doubt the fantastic food.
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Make Everything Football Shaped

Why not?! If everything is football-shaped, you and Martha Stewart have done your jobs. So, get out the scissors, the felt, and the streamers, tuck your balls back, and start decorating. Maybe even some fun football place settings or letter boards with each dish that you’re serving noted on them.

Get the Pets Involved

This is one that even my cynical ass can get behind. Because let’s face it, if you don’t like animals, you should go straight to Hell. If you have a family pet and love the Puppy Bowl as much as the human game, get them involved in the festivities! Grab them their jersey, collar, or entire costume to show their team pride. I guarantee these will be the most enjoyable guests at your party.

Make Some Predictions

You can guess who might win, but you can get even more creative with your questions. Who will be the most famous person in a commercial? How long will the National Anthem be? Will a pop star pop out of her costume? How many boobs will you see in commercials, half-time shows, and on the field? Or you may wager a bet on which one of the players will take a career-ending hit. Make it a game to win prizes or vote on the funniest answers.

Have a Trophy Ready

Creating a trophy is not only a theme but also great for decorating and giving away. No matter what Super Bowl party game you decide to play, declaring the winner with a trophy makes it much better. This is typically a pretty aggressive competitive crowd you’ve gathered together, and they’ll be all for there being a WINNER of anything.

Buy A Keg Of Beer

Because drinking is America’s real favorite pastime. Are you a lover of keg beer or asking yourself, “where can I buy a keg of beer?” Well, getting a keg of beer in the USA shouldn’t worry you. Here’s a list for you of the places you can get a keg of beer online.

Yes, you can make a keg at home. But it won’t be like the one made by someone else. A keg can come from wood, alum, or even plastic. So, let’s get straight to it. Here are three places to buy a keg of beer.
Beer Run American Keg The Beer Junction

Play A Drinking Game

Many people have a love-hate relationship with Never Have I Ever for a good reason. Never Have I Ever is considered one of the best drinking games, as it allows you to uncover all sorts of secrets from your guests. It’s definitely one to break the ice with and get to know everyone quickly!

But this is football season, and since it’s the Super Bowl, let’s do the football version because you know there are a few Al Bundys in your living room and more than a few “Armchair quarterbacks .”Taking it in turns, a person states something they had never done, for example, “never have I ever accidentally touched another guy’s balls when I was the quarterback before the ball was snapped.”

The more promiscuous, the better, making this another top-spot contender for dirty drinking games for adults. Those who have then done said thing has to take a drink. As fun as this game may be while tipsy, be prepared to cringe at the hideous things you’ve confessed the next morning.

Watch The Damn Game!

This is probably the most fun you will have at a Super Bowl party. When the rest of the collective crew at the unlucky home you end up at decide to sit down, shut the F*$! Up and watch the game. That’s why you’re there in the first place, right? Not because you give a crap at how good your boys’ wife is at making everything football-shaped or because you want to watch the commercials with your buds.

So there it is, “How to Throw a Perfect Super Bowl Party.” No matter if one buddy comes over vs. 20 or you choose to have themed invitations, football-themed balloons, DIY “Huddle” Letterboard Menus, or a selfie football-themed photo booth, you’ll all have fun, eat more food than you intended, drink more beer than you needed, lose some money and feel slightly ashamed of admissions during silly drinking games and all for the love of the game. Put on your favorite jersey, paint half your big dumb face, and have fun!

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