Everyones favorite time of year, tax season.
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Fantastic Things To Do With Your Tax Return: Treat Yo’ Self

It’s everybody’s favorite time of year, tax season. Depending on the type of person you are, this could be cause for celebration, or a reminder that you need a refill on your Zoloft Prescription medication. With the United States Government handing out cash at a rapid pace in the past couple years, we figured why not give you some ideas to spend all that hard earned tax money of yours.

It’s Tax Return Time!

Now before we get started I know what you’re thinking, “Shouldn’t I do something wise with my money?” Well, given the current state of the world, that’s probably not a bad idea. So for all you responsible people out there, go ahead and create an emergency fund, pay off that outstanding credit card debt, and put away cash for baby girl’s college. While you’re at it, why not invest in some of that crypto and NFT’s everyone is raving about? Ok, maybe don’t do that last part. Now don’t go getting this confused with just another silly article on frivolous spending. We will be highlighting some of the useful skillsets you’ll need too pull each purchase off along the way.

Upgrade Your Home Theater

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that Americnas love to stream TV shows and movies. It’s kind of a no brainer that after a long hard day of earning the cheddar, you are gonna wash the day away with a little entertainment in the evening. So why not throw that big old seventy five inch Vizio flat screen with true surround in the cart, next time you’re at Costco picking up your weekly supply of recovery drinks. For the full cinematic experience, be sure to pick up a sound system and a Sony ps5 as well, for those late night Twitch streaming sessions.

 Skillset Takeaway: You get to break out the tools to hang that big monster, as well as a little bit of tech while connecting all those new bluetooth devices. Be sure to upgrade those passwords!

A bathroom remodel worthy of any king or queen.
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Not So Extreme Home Makeover

While we are on the subject of your house, why not pick a room in that old fixer upper and give it a remodel? I suggest you brighten up that living room with a fresh coat of paint and maybe a new sectional to go with that home theater makeover. Perhaps a bathroom remodel is more appropriate and sensible though?  Fix all those leaky sink and shower faucets, upgrade to some nice LED lighting, and of course install a new porcelain throne. Now that you’re officially continuing to work from home, throwing some cash at building yourself a proper workspace is probably the best course of action. While you’re at it, better upgrade that operation system to that new 27 inch iMac, come on man, you deserve it!

Skillset Takeaway: Again you get to really let your DIY side shine here. Tiling floors, plumbing, renting tools from the local hardware store. Think of the valuable skill sets you’ll be passing on to your little flashlight holder!

Take the ultimate vacation, a trip to space!
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Out Of This World

Let’s face it, we have all been cooped up in our house for way too long these past couple years. What bigger tax return flex could there be then you and your significant other blasting off into space. Hear me out here, you binged every episode of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Universe show on Netflix, and you can’t stop thinking about taking a trip to the stars yourself.

Now I know what you’re saying, “Don’t these trips cost millions of dollars?” and you would be right. However, a solid alternative is a road trip to your local planetarium complete with a full space museum guided tour. Not good enough? Ok, well what about journeying to the stars without leaving Earth by booking your very own telescope tour? There’s also buying the old VR setup and downloading some space software, but the point here was to get you moving out of the house.

Skillset Takeaway: Why this one is as old as time itself, constellations, celestial navigation and maybe even a little zodiac information.

So there you have it, you let the government borrow your tax money all year interest free, why shouldn’t you get to partake in a little reckless spending of your own? I mean let’s face the facts folks, you are never going to save enough money for what your kids college education is going to cost twenty years from now anyway!

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