Learning how to push through the dark times and reaching out for help is the key to suicide prevention.
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There’s Always Hope: Because Suicide Prevention Is Every Month

Don’t kill yourself!

Yes, I opened this article with the only thing I genuinely care that you read.
September is “Suicide Prevention Month.” Let’s be honest for a second. Every freaking month is Suicide Prevention Month.
That voice inside of you that says, “the world is a better place without me, and no one will miss me,” or “I don’t deserve to be alive.” That voice, Is a liar. DON’T LOSE HOPE! Your fears, insecurities, and doubts it’s all a lie that the enemy whispers (ok, many times yells) into your ears.

Exercise goes a long way towards helping the mind when dealing with depression and suicide prevention.
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Where Do I go For Help?

Below is a number and a website that can help you immensely.

988 is the number in the United States of America for suicide prevention


Your mental health and suicidal thoughts run close together. How can you have or keep hope? Read the quote below. It’s a fact, and it’s something that will significantly help your mental health.

“So far, you’ve survived 100% of your worst days.”

Now that may not help you at this moment with all the screaming you have going on internally. However, take it from someone with a shit ton of experience on this topic. You’re doing great, and I’m proud of you.
Please don’t make a permanent solution to a temporary problem that just feels permanent.

It’s not my job to judge you or the darkness surrounding your head. I’d like you to know that you’ll see the light in just a little time.

When the walls, the darkness is closing in, and you’ve cried so many tears you have none left, You feel alone and think the world would be a better place without you. I swear you are wrong.

You will be missed. Also, remember you and your story can help someone who is in the darkness. You can be a light for another going through these incredibly dark times. “So what!” you say, “who cares about another person? What about me?” Here’s the part no one tells you about: when you help someone out of the darkness, your darkness becomes lighter and easier to deal with. You’re able to breathe a little bit better and feel much happier.

Suicide Prevention?


Yes, the dreaded word very few want to hear. Exercise helps get rid of the negative feelings that are assisting the darkness. There are some chemicals that our body dumps ( Google that shit), and those chemicals help greatly.
Endorphins, Dopamine, and Serotonin
How and why? Go look it up because more intelligent people than me can explain. I just know for a fact that those things dump in the body, and I feel better, less in the dark.

Seeking out groups or having some type of therapy is very important in preventing suicide.
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Now, this is a loaded subject. I say that because “therapy,” or “seeing a therapist,” has a humongous, gargantuan stigma with it. However, I know that when you have a person you can talk to, a safe space where you can be completely vulnerable, it helps. The hardest part, I think, is finding the right match, the right person to talk to you. That being said, therapy can really help with the darkness that surrounds parts of your day. Please ask for help. I know it’s hard, I know you have shame, and I know you have guilt; however, there are so many people that want to help you allow it to happen.

Watch what you ingest (music, movies)

I can only speak for myself, and I know that when I am in a particular cycle of mentality: dark, brooding, and feeling angry. I tend to listen to certain music or watch certain movies or TV shows. I’m asking you to be mindful of what you take into your eyes and ears. When you are in a dark pattern, a dark cycle, these are the times to be increasingly mindful of putting upbeat music and positive movies into your brain and heart. Yes, I know that’s easier said than done. Yes, I know it’s way more fun to listen to angry dark things when you’re in that mood. However, I can promise you that it is not the best thing for you to take in at that point in time.

I’m proud of you!

Yep, I said it. I’m proud of you! Why am I proud of you? Simple, you’re reading this article. No one will ever know what you have experienced or are experiencing right now. You’re taking the time and investing in options to become healthier in your brain, and your heart should be applauded. You are letting Hope in.

I know one thing, my friend; The dark times will not last forever. I know for a fact that you will survive this extremely overwhelming and dark time in your life. Because I’m pretty sure it’s not your first time, it’s not your first rodeo. I ask you to help others who are going through dark times, and then you will have a lighter load on your shoulders. By helping others, you will be in a lighter, brighter headspace.

I’m not telling you to jump up and down and save the world; I’m talking about being open about your darkness and allowing others who are going through dark times to be able to have you to talk to. Them talking to you allows you to speak to someone else, which lightens the load of darkness in your brain. You are giving and showing Hope. It’s that simple. I’m going to end this article the same way I started it. By screaming at the top of my lungs. I’m going to put this in all caps.

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