Having the right ghost hunting gear is essential to a great paranormal investigation.
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The Ultimate Ghost Hunting Gear Guide: How To Hunt Casper And Crew

Are you interested in the unknown? Do the bumps in the night fascinate you rather than spook you, and do you want to find an explanation for the unexplainable? If so, then ghost hunting may be for you.
The paranormal, especially within the realm of ghosts, has exploded onto the scene over the past few years, so much so that countless movies, television shows, and supposedly real-life stories have inundated news outlets and social media platforms alike.

Abandandon places are a great place to0 test all your ghost hunting gear.
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Ghost Hunting Gear By The Numbers

But how do you sort out the fact from the fiction, the exaggerated from the genuine, and the truth behind the stylized stories? The answer is simple. You do it with the ghost-hunting equipment below. Let science detect and expose the mischievous poltergeists found at home, in your backyard, or haunting creepy cemeteries or abandoned asylums.
With this state-of-the-art gear, you can truly differentiate between a possible haunting and a hoax created for a cheap laugh, a viral prank, or a hair-raising scare.

01 Ghost Hunters Equipment Para4ce Paranormal Music Box

This amalgamation of a high-tech detection device and an old-fashioned music box gives you a fantastic paranormal tool for any location. The coffin-shaped design is hand-crafted and built solid for in-the-field detection. Whether living or dead, it does not matter; it will detect anything that falls within its range. Unlike traditional motion detectors, this unit triggers based on a person’s skin temperature against its background. If something is detected, the box lights up and plays “creepy” music to alert anyone nearby. This is a key item for anyone’s paranormal gear ensemble.
Ultrasound pulse detection
Triggers movement within a 16-foot range
Blue LED detection light
Runs on two 9V alkaline batteries (not included)
One-year manufacturer’s warranty included

MSRP: $399.00

02 Ghost Hunters Equipment Para4ce REM Master

This not-to-be-missed, ghost-hunting item reacts to changes in the energy field around the user, lighting up brighter and more loudly as the energy strengthens. Keep the unit stationary or have it calibrated to your hand position for readings where and when you want them. It’s straightforward to use. Just flip the switch, position the antenna, and you’re good to go. Multicolor LED lights and an alarm will alert others that something or someone is nearby! Don’t go on the chase without one!
Five LED lights and an audible alarm
Telescopic antenna with 360-degree rotation
Easy-to-use unit for beginners and pros
Compact and lightweight; fits in the palm of your hand
Powered by one 9V alkaline battery (not included)

MSRP: $99.90

03 Ghost Hunters Equipment Para4ce Polterscript

This unique piece of ghost-hunting gear is amazing, and it’s one essential gadget you can’t leave at home. This paranormal tool converts environmental energy into words, numbers, letters, and replies like “yes” and “no” as both voice and text. The Polterscript has a giant 2,300-word internal library that produces words converted from environmental energy changes within the room. The last three words are secured in a dedicated area on the display screen. The unit is handheld, built tough for long-time use, and features a magnetic sensitivity switch for on-the-fly adjustments.
Alphabet or library mode options
EVPs in voice to text
Available in English or French options
Includes convenient carrying case
Powered by 5 AA alkaline batteries (not included)

MSRP: $399.00

04 Ghost Hunters Equipment Para4ce Portal V5

This on-the-go control box has everything you need to capture EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) from a spirit or ghost box. It is ideal for canceling surrounding white noise and sweeping sounds and amplifying the volume of the EVPs. It is all housed within a hand-crafted, wooden-framed box that offers old-fashioned aesthetics with the interior and state-of-the-art electronic components. Dual inputs and simple controls make operation a breeze for anyone working the “box.” It comes complete with a metal carrying case, too!
Dual, A, and B inputs
Adjustable noise and reverb processor
Integrated 20W amplifier
Unique case allows for easy carry
Comes complete with instructions and info for EVP optimization

MSRP: $499.00

The best ghost hunting gear will greatly improve your chances oaf capturing paranormal phenomena.
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05 Ghost Hunters Equipment Kinect SLS Camera

This technology takes paranormal video to a whole new level and beyond. Utilizing tech that works in complete darkness, the camera shows everything in front of it as dots arranged in 3D formation. It recognizes human shapes based on joints and movements and can record the images to the camera or 64GB SD card (not included.) Options are available, including a camera case, a pre-built, fast-ship unit, and going bare bones, with no tablet.
Built-to-order unit
Optional, use-your-own-tablet
Kinect software and app installed
Touch screen
Dual camera

MSRP: $549.00

06 Ghost Hunters Equipment Para4ce Spirit Pod

If you’re going ghost hunting, you can’t leave home without this amazing spirit detection pod. The unit generates its energy field and alerts its user with multi-color lights and sounds if anything enters and disturbs its EMF (electromagnetic field.) It’s proximity calibrated, so a spirit far away only sets off one or two lights while a close-by ghost sounds all the alarms and lights. The Pod also features a stay-on blue light for detection of the unit in pitch-black conditions. Simple operation and long-use battery power round out this impressive paranormal gadget.
Automatic calibration when on
Tripod mount with standard ¼ inch thread
4 LED lights and audio alert
Blue ambient light to detect unit in darkness
Powered by one 9V battery (not included)

MSRP: $139.90

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