This picture sums up just how much auto diversity can be found inside the halls of SEMA show in 2022.
(Photo by Ben Tirpak)

The SEMA Show Is Open To The Public

This past November, Skillset magazine had the pleasure to visit the one and only SEMA show in Las Vegas. Let us start by saying that this super hyped up auto show did not disappoint. Now that the SEMA show is open to the public, it’s crazier than ever!

The SEMA show was open to the public for the first ever this past November of 2022.
(Photo by Ben Tirpak)

Sema Show Is Open To The Public, On Friday

Now, if for some weird reason you are one of the few people on this planet who isn’t a car fanatic, SEMA is the automotive industry’s equivalent to SHOT show for firearms enthusiasts. SEMA is short for the Specialty Equipment Market AssociationAnd if you’re a car enthusiast, this is Mecca for you, regardless if you are a truck guy, overlander, or fan of muscle cars and hotrods. Luckily for all of us outside the automotive industry, SEMA did something for the first time this year, opening up to the public for one day.  

What do you get with a ticket purchase to Friday’s festivities? Well, in short, you get the experience typically reserved for industry-only” people. The ticket price also includes the new Friday night experience SEMA IGNITED. The price of a ticket is $100 per person and a bargain compared to the cost of your favorite musical act. Full access to every exhibitor hall, all the celebrities, YouTubers, the SEMA parade, and even a new nighttime experience await you as an official attendee.

There is no shortage of unique vehicles on display each and every year at SEMA show.
(Photo by Ben Tirpak)

The Ultimate Automotive Trade Show

There are a lot of amazing vehicles to see, and you will need a good pair of shoes and plenty of energy if you stand any chance of seeing a good portion of the show. The show technically takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, but that doesn’t mean the event is limited to the indoors only. The cars and events are spilling out the doorways and flooding the parking lots and sidewalks of every square inch of available space. In short, be ready to walk a lot!

Even if you’re not a selfie person, bring a camera. The amount of vehicles you will see here is breathtaking. The companies and builders go out of their way with displays to complement these jaw-dropping rides. Being able to look back at each day’s events and jog your memory with the help of your camera is a huge plus. Not to mention, you now have a year’s worth of content for social media use.

So what exactly are you waiting for? Now that the SEMA show is open to the public, it’s less than a year away at this point. So book your room, buy a new camera, and bring a bag for all the swag you’ll be sure to grab at next year’s event!

If you are a classic muscle car lover, than SEMA show is definitely a bucket list item for you.
(Photo by Ben Tirpak)

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