the Perfect Storm hurricane hit the East Coast in 1991, this is my story of survival and preparedness.
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No Shit There I Was: I Lived Through “The Perfect Storm”

If you have ever been in a hurricane, you know it can be highly unpredictable. It can also be scary, especially if you are in the eye of the storm. In the year 2000, the movie The Perfect Storm was made with George Clooney starring in it. That movie was based on an actual storm that occurred in 1991. It was considered a Nor’easter (a wickedly large storm in New England), yet it was so monumental a movie was made about it. The storm was actually three rolled into one, making it historically devastating. The film is focused on fisherman in Gloucester, MA. I happened to be in that storm.

Surviving The Perfect Storm

Before I get too much into the weeds about my actual experience in the storm, I would like to reiterate just how devastating a hurricane can be. Firstly, there is a gradient system for measuring the severity of a hurricane. The scale is based on wind and miles per hour, with one being the lowest and five being the highest. The Perfect Storm was only set at Category 1. However, it caused much more damage than a typical Category 1 hurricane.

If you ever find yourself in the midst of a hurricane, it is best to ensure you are well prepared. This includes reinforcing areas of your home, such as windows and glass doors. By strengthening these areas with plywood, it may help prevent the glass from breaking into your home and causing additional damage. It is also wise to have a generator on hand. This is because so often, hurricane winds will knock down power lines and the majority of the time, these cannot be prepared until after the storm.

Make sure you have everything you need before the storm hits. You don’t want to end up without food and water in the middle of the storm. Finally, secure yourself in a safe area and stay there. If you venture out into the storm, there are a variety of mishaps that could occur, including flooding, falling trees, falling power lines, and more.

It is important to take every precaution you possibly can in order to stay safe during a prefect storm scenario.
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My View Of The Hurricane

I was there when the Perfect Storm hurricane hit the East Coast in 1991. I was a relatively young kid, but I knew enough to know hurricanes were not a good thing. My parents and I were in Massachusetts visiting my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousins, as we did every year growing up. Spending a couple of weeks in New England was nothing new, and neither was being near the water.

That trip was in the Fall, and we happened to be there over Halloween. What better place than New England to be during the spooky season. Right? I had never trick-or-treated in my grandmothers’ neighborhood before and was looking forward to showing off my Adam’s Family Wednesday costume in a creepy, New England neighborhood.

A day or two before Halloween, my parents, the rest of the family, and I decided to visit Gloucester. For those who do not know, Gloucester is a little seaport town outside Boston. Its primary industry is fishing and it is overall a quaint, picturesque place. We spent the day walking around and checking out some cute little tourist shops along the pier. It was near Halloween, so every store had extra decorations out. I remember one place, in particular, had these spiders that hung from the ceiling and made noise.

The Weather Gets Worse

While my mom purchased a jacket we still have, my dad and I looked at the fishing boats that were docked. I remember the pier was made of stone and was meant to stand tall and jut out over the water. However, as we stood there, I remember thinking the water was awfully high to the top of the pier. It felt as though it was right under my feet. This unnerved me, and I grabbed my dads’ hand tightly. Mom finished shopping, and it was time to return to my grandmother’s house. We piled into the car and started back.

We passed a beautiful beach on the way, and I wanted to collect shells. There was also a brilliant sunset that made the beach glow. We stopped the car and walked around the beach a bit. I collected shells, and we enjoyed a few minutes in the sand. I distinctly remember my grandmother, who was born and raised in the Boston area, saying she had never seen the waves so high. The wind began to pick up suddenly, and we decided we had better get home.

Once back, my mom and grandmother had me put my shells outside to dry out. After dinner, we sat in the living room and watched the news. The newscaster kept mentioning this huge storm coming. We decided we had everything we needed and would see just how bad the storm was.

The Storm Lands

Halloween was finally here! I was dressed up as Wednesday and ready to go. We peaked outside, and the winds were insane, whipping through the neighborhood. However, it was not too bad yet, and my grandmother lived far enough inland. It wasn’t apparent yet just how bad the storm was.

My parents grabbed umbrellas and my candy bag, and we headed out to trick-or-treat. Once we got going, it seemed as though, all of a sudden, the storm hit. The wind picked up even more, the rain came in sideways, and I could not keep my umbrella from turning inside out. We made it to a few houses and then ran back to grandmothers’ as the storm progressed.

The Perfect Storm was only set at a Category 1, however, it caused much more damage than a typical Category 1 hurricane.
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The Aftermath Of The Storm

Once inside, I dried off and took a peek at my candy bag. As I was doing so, my grandmother was watching the television. There was an update on the hurricane. Roofs were flying off, and the meteorologist had trouble reporting the storm. In the footage, they showed the devastation of the storm. And the place they showed was the exact pier my dad and I had been standing on a day or two before.

The pier was covered with water, and fishing boats were scattered everywhere. Finally, the shop with the spiders and where my mom had purchased a jacket was gone entirely. It had been wiped out into the ocean. That, for me, was the scariest part. We had just been there, and now it was obliterated.

The storm lasted for a few more days. However, we were safe and sound. Later, once we were all of the way back home, we learned more about just how severe the storm really was. That wouldn’t be the only time I was in extreme weather, but it was the only time I had been in a hurricane so far.

Personal Safety Preparedness

The biggest lesson learned from the storm of the century was to remain as safe as possible. It is essential to take every precaution you possibly can to stay safe. Remember, if you know the storm is coming, get any items you need beforehand, so you do not have to leave your place of shelter. Reinforce your home so you avoid ending up with broken windows or doors. That being said, make sure you do not sit near any windows, just in case one is broken by wind or trees. Ensure you have enough backup lighting, such as flashlights and lanterns, if the power goes out. Finally, remain calm.

That Halloween was one I certainly would never forget. It will forever be engrained in my memory, as will the Perfect Storm.

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