Tips to be a samurai in a modern day society.
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The 21st Century Samurai: How To Be A Warrior In Modern Society

To many the word warrior is a cliché. Something spoken of as a social antiquity. The reasons for the vanishing focus on the warrior ways are many. Yet, the focus of this piece is not on why it has become what it has, but rather how it can be reincorporated into people’s lives.

Modern Day Samurai

The life of a warrior is more than the images conjured up by Hollywood or television. It is a lifestyle dedicated to service, honor, and personal development. It demands that its’ followers become well rounded, responsible, and compassionate. They must be masters of conflict while simultaneously be exceptional diplomats. It is a challenging lifestyle to say the least and certainly not for the faint of heart. For those dedicated few that are drawn by the indefinable pull of this life, it is an honored and sacred path. Many of the greatest people to have ever walked the Earth were warriors and contributed their life to the fabric of who we all are now. Today though we will strive to be modern Samurai.

As with seasons, things change. Over decades the way of the warrior became less and less appealing to people. A softer and more comfortable life of deferred responsibility and indulgence has become a natural state for many. The weak and cowardly in society would try to neuter those whose lifestyle would shine a light on their weakness. This was truly the winter of our existence. I believe however that our spring has arrived, and that the world is once again ready for the warrior life. Today we will look at the framework to make your life one with the way of the warrior. You will be more at the end than you were in the beginning.

A modern day samurai is one who understands life deepest mysteries.
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The warrior’s life is a great deal more than the mastery of weapons and methods of inflicting death. A true evolved warrior is a student of the human condition and all the factors that drive it. To be obsessed with the hardware of war blinds you to the depth of our purpose. It limits who you are and ultimately diminishes your ability to live as a warrior. People have spent decades in what may be perceived as a warrior trade such as the military or law enforcement – only to never grasp the depth of the task. In order to live this life, you must understand some cornerstone principles.

At the heart of all things in the warrior life is self-confidence. Not an arrogant self-aggrandizing mentality, but one rather of humble acceptance of a polished skill set. Self-confidence is a term that in many cases, is thrown about as a meaningless cliché in a society trying to make itself comfortable with its’ own inadequacies and laziness. Academic inteligencia lecture parents on the importance of their children having “self-confidence.”  Yet few can define how this is to occur without simply staging life events in which a win or success are guaranteed.

Self Confidence

This is not the way to build true self confidence and in fact is harmful to children and adults alike. True self confidence is not born of a therapy circle holding hands and telling everyone that you are good enough. True self-confidence can only be developed through hard work and dedication to an effort. This effort in turn creates success and that success creates confidence. This confidence is many times mistaken for arrogance. Generally, this opinion is held by those who are intimidated by confident people because it exposes their own inadequacies.

We have lived in a society where powerful self-confidence has been discouraged. It is essential that people realize and be reassured that it is acceptable to a warrior. The false narrative generated by easily offended people should not keep us from our true calling. While politeness is a courtesy we offer everyone, we should not take to heart disparaging remarks made by the uninitiated. Weigh the words that may be sent your way and always remember that opinions are earned and not simply given away. In the end, the sheep dog does not bother itself with the opinion of sheep.  

Multi Talented

The warrior must be a well-rounded individual.  Only through this endeavor can they expand their ability to relate to the breadth of humanity. A person that focuses purely on combat will ultimately fail in that task because victory can only be achieved by seeing the entire battle. They relegate themselves to be nothing more than a hardened piece of steel. It is a lazy path and not true to the way of a warrior.

It often leads to disdain for the public and an undeserved arrogance. These people intentionally separate themselves with self-serving titles. We must be more.  A warrior will strive to master even the most basic tasks such as cooking. In short, we must attempt to master any task we take on. This creates a warrior mindset that we do nothing unless it is with focus and intent. The fruits of this labor are many and we also set an example for those around us.

The Warrior Lifestyle

On that note, we must be good stewards of the warrior life. We must be good representatives to a life many will question. Strive to always have your life in order. In the event that you pass on, there should be no additional woes for your family. Have documents, insurance and any relevant items always taken care of. Be slow to anger and quick to praise. This is the trait of a well-developed spirit. Lastly, I would encourage you to embrace growth and education as a lifestyle. This commitment will lead to a state of being where you are more each day than you were before. The warrior lifestyle is not for everyone, but for those that choose it – it is a noble and worthwhile path.

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