Center Mass #9 – Active Shooters – The Reality and Suggested Responses

In this episode we are joined in studio by Mike McAllister.  Former police officer and all around guru on Active Shooter

Center Mass #8 – Entering the Man Cave – Women in the Firearms Industry

Today we have Karen Hunter with us. Firearms instructor, freelance writer and serious 2A advocate. She shares the belief that

Center Mass #7 – Go Long! – Long Range Shooting with ARMY Sniper Chad Marr

In this episode we are joined in studio by Chad Marr- ARMY Sniper / LE Shooter and PRS Competitor.  We

Center Mass #6 – The world of SHOT Show with the Tactical Plus Sized Model

Today we welcome the Tactical Plus Sized Model to the studio as we discuss the state of the firearms industry

Center Mass #5 – Beyond the CCW Permit – The Training Continues

Today we look at the necessity of firearms training beyond a general permit class. Join Fred Mastison along with special

Center Mass #4 – Ballistic Art – A visit with Jason Burton of Heirloom Precision

Today we are joined in studio by master gunsmith Jason Burton.  We discuss what goes into creating one of the

Center Mass #3 – America – Guts, Glory and Guns with Frank DeSomma

In this episode we are joined in studio by Mr. Patriot Frank DeSomma of Patriot Ordnance Factory and Jason Swarr

Center Mass #2 – Choosing the Right Handgun

Join us as we show you how to pick the right handgun.  With special guests Karen Hunter of Force Options

Center Mass #1 – Full Size or Micros – Summer Concealed Carry

Today we look at all of the considerations that go into concealed carry in the summer time.  Join Fred Mastison

Skillset Overtime #1 – Origin Story

In this premier episode of Skillset Overtime. Jason Swarr talks life after the military, starting a photo studio and the