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Skillset Overtime #27 Go Home Santa You’re Drunk

Not every Santa Claus turns out to be filled with holiday cheer. Join the Skillset crew as they break down

Skillset Overtime #26 – Podcasting 101: It’s easy, right?

So you wanna make a Podcast? What could go wrong? Join the guys as they walk through some hilarious show

Skillset Overtime #25 – MythBusting The Flu

Join Jason and Ben as they de-bunk old medical wives’ tails and explore insane flu remedies from around the world.

Skillset Overtime #24 – Don’t Drone Me Bro

Get ready, because it’s coming. The Skillset crew dive into the lethal world of drones.

Skillset Overtime #23 – New Age Gun Guy

In this episode Jason and Ben discuss their different experiences and expectations as firearm owners.

Skillset Overtime #22 Hotel Horror Stories

From chalk lines in the hallway to foul smelling mattresses, we’ve all experienced a hotel nightmare form time to time.

Skillset Overtime #21 – Unemployment: The real Fake News

The Skillset Crew discusses the unemployment situation in America and give their suggestions to solve it.

Skillset Overtime #20 – Beat The Bully

Join the Skillset crew this week as we tackle the subject of bullying and share solid advice on how to

Skillset Overtime #19 – Urban Legends

Just in time for Friday The 13th! Lock the doors ,turn down the lights and join us as we discuss

Skillset Overtime #18 – Survive A Terrorist Attack

The Skillset Crew is joined by Fit To Fight owner, Ryan Hoover to discuss your best options for surviving a