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Skillset Live Episode #143: Ava Flanell

This week we welcome our good friend and host of the GunFunny Podcast, Ava Flanell back to the studio! In

Skillset Live Episode 142: Clint Emerson, The Right Kind of Crazy

This week on Skillset Live we sit down with retired Navy SEAL and NY Times Bestselling author, Clint Emerson to

Skillset Live Episode 141: Keith Garcia

This week we step into the world of 3 gun competition with top tier shooter, Keith Garcia. We discuss some

Skillset Live Episode 140: Alberto El Patron

Join us this week as we welcome 2x WWE World Champion, Alberto El Patron into the Skillset studio! In this

Skillset Live Episode #139: Skillset Issue 12 Breakdown

This week on Skillset Live, join editors Jason and Ben as they give you an in-depth look into our latest

Skillset Live #138: Frank DeSomma – The State of the Union

There is nobody, let me repeat that…nobody that can hand out an ass chewing to politicians better than Mr. Patriot,

Skillset Overtime Episode #43 – Mars Attacks

Buckle up as Jason and Ben tackle the subject of colonizing Mars and how quickly humans will screw things up in

Skillset Overtime Episode #39 – Triumph Of The Alpha Male

In our everlasting attempt to de-pussify American society, the Skillset crew breaks down the different character traits between alpha and

Skillset Overtime #29 Don’t Live Off Grid

Jason and Ben discuss the tiny house movement and why living off grid is a fad that will eventually have

Skillset Overtime #28 – Why I Won’t See My Favorite Band

In this episode, Jason explains what’s holding him back from seeing his favorite band of all time.