Skillset Overtime #9 – Jumping The Shark

Did the Michael Phelps "shark race" let you down? Well the Skillset crew discuss the good old days when stunts

Skillset Overtime #8 – Another Day In The Doghouse

The guys discuss topics women should never talk about with their man.

Skillset Overtime #7 Human Lab Rat

Think your job sucks? The Skillset guys talk life as a human lab rat.

Skillset Overtime #6 – Pussification Of Men’s Magazines

The Skillset crew explains whats wrong with modern day men's magazines.

Skillset Overtime #5 – The Ultimate BBQ Menu

The Skillset crew gears up for the Memorial Day weekend with their ultimate list of barbecue foods and activities.

Skillset Overtime #4 – Top 5 Movie Villains

Everybody loves a bad guy. In this Skillset Overtime the guys invite publisher, Gina Marie to hear out their top

Skillset Overtime #3 – Falling Out Of A Perfectly Good Airplane

This week we talk about life as a Recon Marine and experiences at the Military Free Fall School.

Skillset Overtime #2 – Favorite Sports Moments

The Skillset Crew reflects on their Top 10 most memorable sports moments.

Skillset Overtime #1 – Origin Story

In this premier episode of Skillset Overtime. Jason Swarr talks life after the military, starting a photo studio and the