Skillset Overtime #15 NFL Predictions

This week we sit down and discuss all things NFL. Jason even gives his personal predictions including his Super Bowl

Skillset Overtime #14 Eye of The Storm

Join the Skillset crew this week as we talk hurricanes, flooding and incredible survival stories.

Skillset Overtime #13 – Skillset Royal Rumble

Jason and Ben discuss their all time dream matchup in world of Professional Wrestling. Tune in to see if your

Skillset Overtime #12 – Built Not Bought – MilMak Blades

We are sitting down with custom knife maker, Justin Walker from MilMak Industries to discuss techniques and trends in the

Skillset Overtime #11 – The Modern Entrepreneur

The Skillset crew share their entrepreneur experiences with up and coming "vetrepreneur" and owner of Alpha Beard Company, Justin Hodge.

Skillset Overtime #10 – If I Was President…

Skillset Editor, Jason Swarr explains his executive orders as newly elected POTUS.

Skillset Overtime #9 – Jumping The Shark

Did the Michael Phelps "shark race" let you down? Well the Skillset crew discuss the good old days when stunts

Skillset Overtime #8 – Another Day In The Doghouse

The guys discuss topics women should never talk about with their man.

Skillset Overtime #7 Human Lab Rat

Think your job sucks? The Skillset guys talk life as a human lab rat.

Skillset Overtime #6 – Pussification Of Men’s Magazines

The Skillset crew explains whats wrong with modern day men's magazines.