Skillset Overtime #35 Going Both Ways: Part 2

If you thought part one was funny (Skillset Live #30), wait till you here this show! Jason Burton and Brady


The Skillset crew welcomes Brady Miller and Jason Burton as they discuss cover lines from popular men's and women's magazines.

Skillset Overtime #9 – Jumping The Shark

Did the Michael Phelps "shark race" let you down? Well the Skillset crew discuss the good old days when stunts

Skillset Overtime #8 – Another Day In The Doghouse

The guys discuss topics women should never talk about with their man.

Skillset Overtime #7 Human Lab Rat

Think your job sucks? The Skillset guys talk life as a human lab rat.

Skillset Overtime #6 – Pussification Of Men’s Magazines

The Skillset crew explains whats wrong with modern day men's magazines.