Consider adopting a shelter dog instead of buying a pet from a store!

7 Reasons Why A Shelter Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

It’s dawn and you are standing on your favorite mountain ready for that morning hike; the air is crisp and

Do not train your dog to bite on command unless you're a pro!

Attack Dogs 101: Leave It To The Real Professionals

Man’s best friend has earned that title in many arenas. Dogs are second to none as pets and emotional support

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  • October 2, 2020

WATCH: Jason & Ben Get Bit to Sh*t During Live Training With K9 Defense

Whether they’re rappelling from helicopters, parachuting from planes or pursuing America’s most wanted terrorists, military working dogs have been putting

Extreme training with fur missiles.

Understanding Protection Dog Training With Pro Alex Dunbar

Being “alpha male” at my company, CQB K-9 requires more than just top physical and mental prowess. Running, shooting on