Knowing how to shoot a gun properly is a true skill set.
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  • September 5, 2022

How To Shoot A Gun Without Getting Kicked Off The Range

The firearms industry has seen unprecedented growth in the number of new shooters over the last several years. People have

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Center Mass #79: Dot Life with Chris Cerino

History Channel’s Top Shot contestant and Team Trijicon Pro Shooter, Chris Cerino joins us as we  discuss the fast-growing trend

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Center Mass #78: Quarantine Gun Mods with Mike Mills of Tactical Considerations

When was the last time you gave your guns some love? Mike Mills of Tactical Considerations joins us in the Skillset

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Whether you’re “essential” or not, you still need to put in the work. The pandemic doesn’t wait for anyone. Pro

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Center Mass #76: AJ Whisler – Overwatch Precision

With the recent surge of new firearm owners, I sat down with AJ Whisler of Overwatch Precision to speak about

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Center Mass #75: Frank DeSomma – POF USA

This week I sit down with one of the most patriotic, innovative gunbuilders in the game, Frank DeSomma. Listen in

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Center Mass #74: Kalashnikov 101 with AK Mario

Listen up Comrades! This week we sit down with AK builder Mario Parada of Lee Armory to discuss the world of

Center Mass #73: Through The Eyes Of Law Enforcement – Deputy Cat Rybka

This week we invite Deputy Cat Rybka into the studio for an incredible discussion about target hardening, situational awareness and

Center Mass #72: How Bulletproof Is Your Home Defense Plan?

Most of us think we have a solid plan to defend our home against intruders, but have you covered all

Center Mass #71: Children and Shooting Sports – Cindy Coker

This week we are joined by Samantha DeZonia from Wilderness Tactical as we talk about getting more women into the shooting