The iconic Zippo lighter has been a friend to soldiers since World War II.

The Iconic Zippo Lighter And The American Warfighter

Hunkered down in the trenches as the rain continuously pours, the men are cold, wet, and covered in mud. The

Toys like Transformers and various Japanese cartoon series figures are steadily increasing in value.

Those Vintage Action Figures Could Be Worth A Fortune

For decades, toys like transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and even Barbie have entertained young ones for hours as they recreated

Halloween Mask Collection, Don Post Studios, Rudy Munis, the mummy
  • November 22, 2019

The Jaw-Dropping Halloween Mask Collection of Rudy Munis

Collecting — We all do it in one form or another. Whether your goal in life is to buy every hair

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  • September 21, 2019

A Complete Guide to the Golden Age of Comic Books

In this Skillset series “The Collector,” we travel the globe in search of the most interesting acquisitions on the planet.