Blow up dolls and the CIA go together like James Bond And Martinis.

Weird History: The Blow Up Dolls Of The CIA

There is a strange piece of weird history involving the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and blow-up dolls. During the Cold

Terrifying drawing of an Aswang!

Aswang: US Troops Scared Communist Insurgents Using Vampire Folklore

Aswang, Philippine vampire folklore rooted in Central Luzon, was one of the primary tools of keeping the Philippines out of

The CIA has done some crazy things over the years, like acoustic kitty.

Can I Have ‘Weird Sh*t The CIA Has Done For $500’ Alex?

For a government agency, the CIA isn’t afraid to think outside the box. This was especially true during the Cold

CIA tried to kill Castro with an exploding cigar!

The 5 Craziest Fidel Castro Assassination Plots From the CIA

The CIA and creativity go hand-in-hand. Take, for instance, its creation of wild programs like MK-Ultra. Which, among other things,