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Skillset Live Black Rambo

Skillset Live Episode #166: Black Rambo

This week we welcome USMC combat veteran and 2A influencer, Black Rambo to Skillset Live! In this phone conversation we

Skillset Live Episode 165

Skillset Live Episode #165: One Big Dysfunctional Family

Wow, it’s been a hell of a week. From peaceful protests to criminal looting, our country has taken a beating.

Skillset Live

Skillset Live Episode #164: Clint Emerson and Marcus Torgerson

This week we sit down with two of the the world’s most respected bad asses, Clint Emerson from 100 Deadly

Skillset Live Dan Caldwell

Skillset Live Episode #163 Dan Caldwell – Tapout Co-Founder

This week we get the honor of interviewing Dan Caldwell, co-founder of the famous MMA clothing brand, Tapout. We get