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WATCH: How to Choke Someone With Their Own T-Shirt During a Fight

This move is a similar concept to the cross-collar choke in the previous video, but this hold can be used against an opponent wearing a T-shirt or a lighter sweatshirt. While the cross-collar choke depends on a sturdy piece of clothing, it’s important to note that, unlike a choke featuring a sturdy leather jacket, the T-shirt you’re leveraging off in this choke is going to stretch, limiting the choke’s power somewhat. That said, if you execute properly, this move can choke someone unconscious and possibly save you from a beating. 

Although this move could work from top position, we’re going to stay defensively minded and go over the steps from guard. The first step is to lock your guard tight and to pull your opponent close to you. Again, he needs space to do damage with punches or to pass your guard, and pulling him close slows him down, nullifies his offense and allows you some time to work.

While you have him pulled close with one arm around his neck so your forearm is keeping him from raising his head, reach to his back with your free hand and start pulling up his shirt, feeding it to the hand controlling his posture. Roll it up to the collar tightly so that you’re gripping the entire back of the shirt with one hand, thumb through the collar. The tighter you have the shirt bunched up, the less stretch you’ll get out of the shirt when you apply the choke. Next, feed your free arm under your grip on the shirt, through the collar, across his throat and all the way to your other forearm. Once the choke is locked in, simply straighten both arms to apply pressure. 

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