Spotlight Of One Of The Most Feared Military Forces: Spartan Warriors

Spartan Warriors trained in Pankration and Agoge. Pankration is an ancient Greek martial art of boxing and grappling. Agoge is a rigorous education and training program used to cultivate loyalty to the Spartan group. Leadership included military training, hunting, dancing, singing and social preparation.

Youth Timeline

Age 7: Boys became chosen for the Agoge.

Age 18: Students became the teachers of those who entered the Agoge.

Battle Timeline

Age 20: Spartan warriors entered the Spartan army.

Age 30: Warriors allowed to move from the barracks back to their homes.

Retirement Age

Age 60: Warriors retired, with service in the reserves if necessary.

Average Spartan Warrior Stats, 480 B.C.

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 165 lbs.

Armor: Bronze

Gear: 60 lbs.

Helmet:                                                          Bronze

Wrist armor (bracelets):                              Bronze

The Dory Spear:                                           Seven to nine feet in length

The Old Bashing Shield:                             Bronze and wood

Leg greaves:                                                 Bronze

Red cloak:                                                     Wool

Sandals:                                                        Leather

Details of Destruction For Spartan Warriors

If a Spartan warrior was wounded in battle, his preferred crimson-red garb would camouflage the blood so as to not give a psychological advantage to the enemy. 

Before called upon to perform military service, Greek males would work barefooted on farms to toughen up their feet. Boots were worn in the winter for hunting and to protect from the cold. 

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