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Social Distancing: Is That Keg Stand Really Worth Killing Grandma?

Practicing social distancing on spring break? Spring breakers since the 1960s have made bad decisions over their coveted and well deserved two-week college break. It’s basically become a rite of passage to party and get stupid on some popular Florida beach and it’s fair to say that nothing is going to stop them. I mean, people are dying but hell, people die everyday, right?

Social media posts are filled with doomsday and despair because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, but in a world of fake news, what can you really believe? Plus, they’re working on a coronavirus vaccine, so we’re fine, right?

But in all reality, our world is going to shit and unfortunately, there’s no shit paper in sight.

Social Distancing? But I’m Young and Invincible!

When you’re young and healthy, you pretty much feel invincible. You’re not the demographic for COVID-19, so who the f*ck cares, right? Well, let this sink in: Your decision to party could infect and kill more than a few brain cells.  You might not show coronavirus symptoms, but you could be a carrier, unknowingly bringing home the virus to your family and friends.

This virus is not about you — it’s about everyone else.  It’s about your aunt with breast cancer who’s on chemo right now or your grandma who escaped war to come to America. It’s about your baby brother who hasn’t even had a chance yet to do all the stupid shit you’ve done. These are the people who are susceptible to the virus. It’s about doing the right thing … right now.

The medical professionals at Johns Hopkins University wants us all to practice social distancing — staying at least six feet away from other people.  This is deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness like COVID-19. When you’re young, the last thing you want to do is be six feet away from anything you want.

Spring breakers, this isn’t a coronavirus conspiracy. You can’t take a shot of penicillin to make this “bad decision” go away. Reach out to each other online and laugh. Binge watch all the best doomsday flicks and make end of the world Spotify playlists  (old people like your parents refer to them as “mix tapes”). Beach parties, Jager shots and half naked women will still be there in a few months … will your loved ones?    

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