Skillset Overtime: A Review of Men’s Fashion in 2021

Ah yes … men’s fashion week. Who doesn’t get excited at the thought of all those tall, exotic, hungry supermodels strutting down the catwalk in the latest fashions? It’s these shows that influence what all the cool kids will be wearing this season. Sure, they’re wearing brands and styles our average reader would never be caught dead in, but that’s not the point. Here at Skillset Magazine, we like to stay on top of all the latest trends but know there’s a twist.

The Latest in Men’s Fashion for 2021

What if we told you the latest women’s high-end fashion was being worn by men? You read that right … men. Sporting a 5 o’clock shadow and full tattooed chest piece, these guys are here to show the ladies that we’ve got style too! Bring on the high heels, purses, and evening gowns. If it glitters and covers the Adam’s apple, it’s the perfect accessory. 

All the latest styles and fashion designers participate, proving that gender discrimination has no place on the runway. There are no pronouns in fashion and these models own it with confidence. Although we’re a bit old school here at Skillset, you can’t hate on self-confidence. If you’re a man and you’re wearing a dress, walk into the room like you own it! Of course, keep that stiletto handy because you might need it in a fight!

Jason and Ben are here to break down all the action in this week’s edition of Skillset Overtime. Make some popcorn, grab a cold one and get ready to go where no Skillset host has gone before! After you watch the video above, check out some more ‘Overtime’ with Spanky Spangler and Florida Man!

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