Skillset Overtime: Examining the Craziest Cases of ‘Florida Man’

Welcome to our new video series: Skillset Overtime. Editors Jason Swarr and Ben Tirpak share and react to their favorite videos of the week, and leave nothing off the table. From epic fails to badassery to movies to fights, our guys yearn to be entertained, and the Internet does not disappoint. We’re starting out strong with a short montage on the infamous “Florida Man.”

The Phenomenon Known as Florida Man

Affectionately referred to as America’s dong, the great state of Florida exists only to flex their patriotism and host keg parties and spring breakers while the rest of us suffer in liberal lockdowns. But amidst the unpredictability of our neighbors to the south, is a phenomenon that continues to grow each day. Of course, we’re talking about Florida Man. Most you should be pretty familiar with the concept by now. Year after year Florida Man is responsible for more crazy headlines than the other 49 states combined. If you don’t believe us, do the Florida Man challenge. What’s that? Go to Google and type in “Florida Man” and then your date of birth. See what headline you get. It’s a fun little game.

What are we talking about? For starters, how about a man dropping a deuce in someone’s driveway and then just driving off? Or, how about a guy randomly falling from the sky, landing on someone’s car, and then just walking away? If that doesn’t do it for you, there was the time a man dressed up as Spider-Man and buffed his roof during a storm. Well, we decided to look at all of these incidents.

But we love the state of Florida and the craziness it offers. Watch us have some fun with Florida in the video above and keep an eye out for our next Skillset Overtime video. If you like our style, you’ll love our magazine! Pick up the most recent issue of Skillset Magazine at

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