Skillset Overtime #66: Kevin Dixie – Shall Not Be Infringed

This week we sit down and receive a history lesson from 2A advocate, Kevin Dixie on why we all need to fight to protect our constitutional rights and prevent our unpropitious history from repeating itself. 

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  • Awesome magazine and awesome gun would love to win. This weapon I would love to have that would make my day.
    We better start standing up for our Rights my great grand father, grandfather,Dad,Brother,myself all veterans. This country means something to us. All the men that have died for our freedom. And they want to take away our freedom of speech and our freedom to have guns our 2nd amendment it’s not going to happen we are aware and Awake like what has happened in Canada,England,Australia where they take there guns away. ITS not going to happen here. They will have a fight they can not win. Is all I can say is bring it. God Bless America.

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