Skillset Live Episode #130: The Straight Truth About CBD

As firm believers on the health benefits of CBD, we owe it to the Skillset family to learn the straight truth about the hemp extract. So this week we bring in the LCDR Greg Keeley (USN) who is the CEO of On Duty CBD to answer listener questions (and concerns) about Cannabidiol. 


  • Hey Ben, This is Africa Twin from Indianapolis
    That was a fun night thanks for the invitation
    I am trying On duty CBD oil for the second month and cannot really say that I can tell the difference
    I really want it to work, while not in the Corps for 20 years like Jason I did a tour in the Corps in the early 70s and while it was fun it kind of used me up a little
    I just listened to your interview with LCDR Greg Keeley and decided to give it some more time
    I just ordered two more bottles and will double up to the 1500 twice a day like Keeley uses
    I will let you know what i think after another few weeks
    I liked your interview on Center Mass and am dabbling with distance now myself and can see the way it can suck you down the rabbit hole
    Anyway keep up the good work and tell Jason and Gina Marie Me and my Fam are fans and we continue to spread the word

    • Hi Scotty! Gina here! I’ll make sure to say hi to the guys for ya and share your comments with On Duty CBD and Greg Keeley direct! We appreciate your feedback on the podcast and product very much. 😉 Jason’s been really happy with On Duty CBD. He uses it for his hands and his shoulder. Send us a new fam pic so I can put it in issue 12!!!

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