Skillset Live Episode #128: Jaeson Jones: The Deadly Truths of Border Business

This week we welcome Homeland Security expert, Jaeson Jones to the show as we dive into the hottest topic that faces our nation today…the Mexican-American border and the drug cartels that terrorize it. Does he have a solution? Listen and find out!

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  • Chuy Nakamura, Zeta 86

    Jaesons brief is pretty good, but isn’t too much in depth. In 2003-2006, the mess-ican, and farc were collaborating. The israeli government came in and helped them set up their com systems. As far back as 92 the israelis were equipping sendero luminoso with new galils, set up under a deal through teddy kennedy. The galils were stashed in US church coalition sights, in churches funded by the catholic church out of san diego. Same church group in pizza gate! The israelis set up the mess-ican cartels with hermes drones. And in 2006, the cartels were running aircraft loads of drugs (sinoloa cartel/cia) to africa, on up to europe, and into St. Petersburg. They were trying to buy bmp-60’s for the farc. DEA and the Russians set up a deal to install gps trackers in the bmp-60’s at the factory. DOS cut DEA out of the loop, uninstalled the gps trackers, and assisted the sale. A Bogota DEA agent, who had a CI into the farc, gave the info to global law enforcement, stopping the deal. His career was destroyed by the cia. The aircraft, on the way back, would buy weapons in africa, or cuba, and bring them to the mess-ican cartels. $7-$15for an AK.
    The DEA has the technology, and capability, to shut the border down at a moments notice. With a new and improved system based on the old Navy Posse system. The democrats made them shut it off by defunding it. Tx DPS has hundreds f hours of video from their helos, showing democrat cbp vehicles running blocker for cartel load vehicles, with lights, and sirens going on the cbp vehicles. At the direction of the democrats, greg abbott pulled DPS off joint drug enforcement ops along the border. Abbott also pulled the most excellent, and capable folks from Camp Mabry off the effort.
    The israelis bought the cartels ACU-1000’s, and taught them how to set them up and connect them. Incredible equipment. Same as used by USG, but the USG didn’t buy the instruction manuals to go along with them. (Typical feebs)!

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