View of a woman with a bullet and red lipstick.
(Photo by iStock)

Self Defense: The Lips Know A Secret And They Aren’t Telling

Few things are more common than a woman carrying a tube of lipstick. However, for anyone wanting to “mess” with these women, they may get more than a kiss on the cheek!

Cool secret weapon in disguise.
(Photo by Manufacturer Photo)

These two amazing items from Streetwise Security Products offer a woman personal protection throughout her day while at the office, running errands or walking down a dark street. The lipstick alarm emits a piercing, 100-decibel noise to the surrounding area that alerts anyone nearby of her danger. Additionally, if an attacker gets too close for comfort, the lipstick stun gun acts as both a flashlight and a 17-million-volt “surprise” for the attacker. Both items fit easily inside a purse or jacket pocket and appear as ordinary lipstick tubes when stored away. 

Both items retail for under $20, and that’s a small price to pay for personal safety and protection. 

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