A screwdriver can be used as an EDC tool.
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The Screwdriver: An Easy EDC Tool for Self-Defense

So, there you are parked in your car, when out of nowhere someone comes and breaks the window or opens your door. (Free lesson: Lock your car door as soon as you get in it.) You scream as they try to open your door to pull you out, but not today, evil bad person! Today, you are fighting back with your trusty, cheap EDC tool. Yep, you grabbed a screwdriver. My personal favorite an everyday Phillips flathead screwdriver.

EDC Tool: The Screwdriver


Why a screwdriver? Simple, it’s the perfect everyday carry tool. It’s easy to use, it’s easy to hold, and it does serious, life-changing damage to the bad person attacking you.

When you think of the term “EDC tool,” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For some, it’s a pistol; for others, it’s a rifle, perhaps an axe or knife. Heck, you may even think of a flamethrower. (I like the way you’re thinking; we’ll save that for another article.) Simply put, a screwdriver is what I like to call a ” beginner-encouraged ” tool. Anyone and everyone can use it.

This is also what’s great about a screwdriver: You can use a regular grip or a reverse grip when wielding it. (Think about every horror movie where someone is getting stabbed in a downward, icepick-stabbing motion. (Insert Halloween movie sound effects here.)


OK, so how do you use this incredible EDC tool? Are you ready? Pay attention now …

You take the screwdriver of your choice and stab it into the face or body part of the bad person closest to you as many times as necessary for them to go away or for you to have created an opportunity to escape. You see, that’s why I love the screwdriver as an EDC tool. This tool goes into flesh, tendon and muscle very easily. If you hit bone and your hand slips or it’s covered in blood and your hand slips and slides onto the shaft, it’s OK. You won’t cut your fingers or hand. The bottom line is lots of pain and damage for the bad person and no damage for you. Hurray!


Where do I carry this EDC tool?

That’s a great question with many answers. So, I’m going to give you a few suggestions, and you can decide what works best for you.

1. In your car.

2. If you are righthanded, put it in your cup holder.

3. If you are lefthanded, put it in the side of car door.

Another option is to put a magnet by the steering wheel and place the screwdriver there with a pointy part toward your feet. This works on both sides, so regardless of which is your dominant hand you are good to go.

What about a purse? Yes, a purse is fine; however, like any other EDC tool, being accessible at the worst possible times is paramount. I just don’t think you will get a moment to say, “Hey, bad person, please give me a moment to acquire this tool to defend myself against you.” So, the rule is to keep it in a place you can easily access.

Before I end this, here’s the fine print. This article may sound tongue-in-cheek and humorous. It’s not. Your self-protection is up to you and you alone. No one is coming to save you. The truthful adage “when seconds count, help is hours away” should be in the forefront of your mind. Your EDC tool must be something that you can deploy easily, effectively and that can do appropriate damage to those trying to hurt you or your family. You don’t need any training with this EDC tool. You need intent and action, which are many times paralyzed when fear is crippling you. So, I tell you this: Get a screwdriver and find something you can stab into often so that mentally you have a reference point. (Many people use pillows with T-shirts on them, and others use a pig carcass.)

I care about you and your safety, not the wellbeing of the bad person. As long as you stab at the bad person with this simple and effective EDC tool, you can create opportunities for your escape.

Final Point (See What We Did There?)

I’m not promoting violence; I’m just suggesting a viable option that is legal and highly effective. Truthfully, anything can be used as a weapon to defend yourself. Don’t believe me? Just watch any Jason Bourne flick. However, what makes the screwdriver an effective EDC tool is its simplicity and ease of deployment without needing any training. Again, all you need is intent, and since you will be using this when your life is on the line, I am positive that you will have an abundance of that. So, grab your screwdriver and keep it where you can access it at any time, and when the bad people come, attack them with all the aggression you can muster. Then, you will be a nightmare for bad guys.

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  • It’s been the multi-tool of bad guys for eons. You can pry open a door with it for B&E’s, or stab that Snicker for dissing you.

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