Who doesn't love Gangster EDC offerings from Hobo Tactical?
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Overnight Entrepreneur: Skillset Gets Down With Hobo Tactical

So what does it take to go from working for the man to blazing a trail of your own? Skillset magazine attempts to answer that question by talking with those who have done that. They are turning their ideas into businesses simply by throwing caution to the wind and giving it 100% each and every day of their lives.

This time around, we turn our attention to the EDC community, or maybe that’s not entirely accurate. While yes, they are definitely EDC items, much like Skillset, I don’t feel putting a label on Hobo Tactical is necessarily the right thing to do.

Sometimes you come across a brand that just screams cool. Since the first-day Skillset Magazine crossed paths with Hobo, we knew this was one company to keep our eyes on. Their original Hobo sack may seem simple in its design, but the cool factor of it took the EDC community by storm. With unique designs available only in limited numbers through “drops” on social media, Hobo is one to keep your eyes on.

Do What Feels Right

The original Hobo sack by Hobo tactical is perfect for every EDC lover.
(Photo by Hobo Tactical)

Take one look at Hobo’s Instagram page, and you will quickly realize they are not posers of the craft. Improvised weapons and tactics carry over into the uniqueness of products and goods offered. Items like the Hobo sack itself. Do you just put your spare change in it? Can it now serve as a self-defense tool? Is it just a rad item of conversation for business cards? Pretty sure the answer is yes to all of those questions.

This brings us to another one of their offerings, the Penetrator. With so many people and companies selling their versions of a tactical pen, the Penetrator is simple. It just looks like a typical writing implement at first glance. It isn’t until closer inspection that you start to grasp its deadly intentions outside of writing.

Now to be clear, Hobo isn’t really a company. It’s more of a one-man show of killer items from the mind of Gabe G. I recently sat down with Gabe to try to pick his brain on how all this came about and where he draws inspiration from. His positive attitude, easy-going demeanor, and simple approach to life appear to be the keys to Hobo’s success.

Hobo Tactical


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The Penetrator may just be the best tactical pen out there.
(Photo by Hobo Tactical)

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