If you wear a shirt and tie each day, don't get caught in a necktie choke!

WATCH: Necktie Choke – The Formal Way Of Going Unconscious

While I can’t tell you the history of the necktie, I can tell you that wearing one in a fight is about as likely to get you f*cked up as wearing a pair of high heels. A tie can be used as a handle to move and hold somebody so you can strike them. A necktie can get caught on anything sharp, and it can be used to choke you unconscious. If you ever happen to be wearing a tie and it’s starting to look like a fight may be on the horizon, do yourself a favor and take that sh*t off. If you ever happen to fight someone wearing a necktie, think of me. Try this necktie choke while you watch the consciousness drain out of their face. 

Don’t Fight While Wearing A Tie

This is probably the simplest choke you’ll ever learn. First things first, you’re going to need to close some distance to grab someone’s tie. There are numerous ways you can do that. You can punch your way in, shooting a leg attack, or catching a kick and following it back in. In most fights it’s likely the distance between you and your opponent will disappear and you’ll end up in a clinching situation whether you like it or not. What you don’t want to do, however, is go reaching for someone’s tie at the end of their punching range as you might get your wig split before you can get a hold of it. Once you close the distance, get a hold of their clothes with your non-choking hand. Feed your choking hand up under the knot of the tie with your palm facing you. Once it’s in there, make a strong grip and twist your hand. That’s it! If you don’t believe me, let someone try the necktie choke on you. 

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