KILOGEAR was started by a U.S, Army veteran with a focus on training and excellence with the fashion industry.
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Be Your Own Boss: KiloGear Combines Fashion And Training

What if a military veteran tapped into his inner genius and created something that could combine fitness without hitting the gym and weighted spandex? I am talking about weighted workout clothing you could wear while you sit back and watch parents start fistfights at your local Chucky Cheese children’s birthday party. You can walk around the mall and build your beach body at the same time. Ok, not a beach bod, but you get the point. There is something authentic about this.

I cannot say that Trent Brown is the first person to think up or design weighted workout gear, nor will he be the last person to do it. But I genuinely dig what he has come up with.

Providing elite style gear for the everyday person ensures that you will see the same results as top tier operators.
(Photo by Kilogear)

Testing Out Some Kilogear

KILOGEAR sent some gear to try out: compression shorts and shirts with strategically placed pockets that allow you to slide in little flat metal weights. From a couple of ounces to a couple of pounds per item of clothing. While the long-sleeved shirt looked surprisingly good on me, I feel more comfortable wearing shorts than weighted shorts. Truthfully, I am just not built to wear spandex shorts in public. Call me modest. Trust me, Dude. I am doing everyone a favor. 

I wore the KILOGEAR gear while mountain biking and doing defensive tactics training in class. If you strap a couple of pounds to each limb, it adds up. Grab some two-pound dumbbells and throw thousands of punches. You will feel it for sure. The difference here is the weight s built into the clothing. That means you can run, jump, climb, throw, and catch a ball while wearing this gear. The gear was also designed by fitness professionals, athletes, and doctors, who are all generally more intelligent than I am when it comes to this type of stuff. 

Who is also smarter than me when it comes to this stuff? Trent Brown. The badass United States Army Veteran who created this entire project and product line from his badass U.S. Army Veteran mind. That’s who. I decided to catch up with Trent and pick his brain on how he transitioned from serving our country in the armed forces to building some of the best-looking backsides on a website you can find. Let us move forward and ask Mr. Smarty Tight-Weighted-Fitness-Pants how all of this came to be.

Fashion Wear Or Training Gear?

SKILLSET: Trent, thanks for joining us today. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and fill us in on your background?

Trent Brown: Great to be with you. I am a former military officer that served in the Army. After graduating from my Officer Basic Course, U.S. Airborne, and Air Assault schools, I was initially assigned to the 5th Infantry Division and initially served in the Military Police in this Quick Reactionary Force and then with Joint Task Force Bravo in Central America. 

I enjoyed training with various multinational units and enjoyed my time on active duty. I then transitioned to the Army Reserves and pursued a career as a high-tech and innovation executive. My career took me overseas, with stops worldwide, including living in Japan and several years in the U.K. 

SKILLSET: How long were you in the Army, and when did you get out?

Trent Brown: I came off active duty in 1989 and spent the next ten years in the reserves.

Purpose Built Clothing

SKILLSET: Many Veterans get involved with the gun or tactical industry when they get out. What brought you to move into the fitness and clothing industry?

Trent Brown: My time in the military and my career in technology and innovation formed my approach to thinking out of the box. I have always enjoyed taking on complex problems and exploring unique solutions that are simplified to the lowest common denominator.

The idea of carrying loads for tactical conditioning is not new. However, the so-called solutions in the market were antiquated, and much of the science was minimal at best. We learned that by taking a scientific approach to designing PURPOSE BUILT weighted gear, we could design and produce SAFE and TESTED resistance and protection for the body by evenly distributing that load on the body without compromising the body mechanics.

Over seven years of research, development, and testing allowed KILOGEAR to bring a highly finished product offering to the market and help the modern-day tactical operator train like a professional and Olympic athlete. The results are a more dynamic operator.

Trent Brown. The badass United states Army Veteran who created this entire project and product line called Kilogear.
(Photo by Kilogear)

The Beginnings Of The Brand

SKILLSET: How did you and your wife Megan develop the idea of KILOGEAR?

Trent Brown: My wife Megan is a former Division 1 All-American athlete and technology executive. Like everyone, we live busy lives. With our backgrounds in functional fitness and facing time-compressed lives, developing a “Wearable Workout” was practical and needed. 

Developing unique vertical solutions with our sports medicine doctors, engineers, athletes, operators, and designers has allowed us to bring these highly impactful solutions to the tactical community and the world.

SKILLSET: What kind of research went into developing the gear?

Trent Brown: Our first hires at KILOGEAR were doctors. Everything we do starts with thinking about delivering real-world solutions around weighted gear and apparel. We have researched, developed, and tested over seven years with all our gear lines. Investing heavily in bringing solutions to real-world needs and ensuring a fantastic customer experience. We take a “forever beta” approach to our gear… constantly improving all aspects of our gear and solutions.

Our Chief Medical officer is the Chairman of Sports Medicine at The Mayo Clinic. Our mission is to always be the “gold standard” in weighted gear.

Research And Development

SKILLSET: How does the gear work?

Trent Brown: As I mentioned, everything we do is scientifically driven. Our approach is to evenly “micro-load” the muscle bellies of the body and create optimal body resistance without compromising body biomechanics. 

SKILLSET: I saw that one of the guys you teamed up with is a doctor and Olympic Gold Medalist. How did that come about?

Trent Brown: We work with many doctors and Olympic athletes. We also believe in giving back to veteran organizations like The Heroes Project (which benefits disabled veterans), partnering with Olympic Gold medalists like Scott Hamilton, and helping in the fight against cancer.

SKILLSET: Is the gear just about hot bodies, or is there something you think can cross over into the tactical training world?

Trent Brown: We have elite operators already using KILOGEAR today. We also have private security groups using the gear, and the feedback has been excellent. We help tactical operators train in more realistic conditions, increase heart rate, fatigue, etc. This enables them to move, shoot and communicate more effectively and better simulate real-world conditions.

Our gear replaces old, outdated “uniforms” and can be configured to operators’ needs and worn on duty. This creates the perfect “wearable workout” for the operator and offers offensive and defensive attributes while worn.

One of the side benefits of our gear is that “rocking body.”

Operator Approved Gear

SKILLSET: Can you tell us a little more about your Patriot line?

Trent Brown: Our new Patriot Line of weighted gear combines highly technical fabrics and our proprietary weight systems to train the modern-day tactical operator during training sessions and turn on-duty activities into fitness opportunities. 

We have configured this line to improve performance and protection on the job. We are committed to taking tactical operators to elite fitness and personal safety levels.

SKILLSET: Is your Patriot line of gear going to be the gear you offer to tactical training companies like Controlled F.O.R.C.E.? Or do you have something else in mind for that?

Trent Brown: KILOGEAR is excited to partner with Controlled F.O.R.C.E. We are working on configuring unique solutions and training regimens that implement our kick-ass gear. Our Patriot Line will be the base from which we evolve these solutions. 

We are also building a multi-tier certification process for trainers and operators to become KILOGEAR-Flow TACTICAL CERTIFIED. This will allow us to offer the most advanced weighted training gear in the world and “train the trainers” and operators on “best practices” with the gear.

Extraordinary Gear For Everyday People

SKILLSET: Now you and your wife Megan have professional fitness model bodies. Will your gear look just as fabulous on Ewok-shaped individuals like myself?

Trent Brown: Ha! Yes. We focus on helping everyone become their absolute best versions of themselves, even Ewoks! Seriously, our gear is a fantastic way for those that want to get back into shape. We make it fun and straightforward.

SKILLSET: What advice do you have for other military veterans who want to step outside of their comfort zone to become entrepreneurs?

Trent Brown: Seek advice from other entrepreneurs and veterans that have taken this road. Learn from their successes and challenges. Veterans typically love to help pass goodness forward. 

The military is good at teaching preparation, tenacity, follow-through, and the ability to pivot. Applying this to the business world is fundamental to success.

SKILLSET: Thank you for your service and for joining us today. Where can our readers learn more about or even buy KILOGEAR products?

Trent Brown: Visit us at and follow us on I.G. @kilogear and @kilogearcut. We will treat you like family.

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