10 Quick-Hit Questions With Cowboy Shooting Champ Kenda Lenseigne

We go 10 rounds with Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association World Champion and entrepreneur Kenda Lenseigne.

1. Good news! You just won the lottery!  What’s the first thing you would buy?

Kenda Lenseigne: I’d start with buying my mortgage back, and then work up to more frivolous things as I get used to that kind of cash flow.

2.  If you could be front row at one concert (past or present), who would you see?  

Although I don’t have any music by either of these artists, I think it would be Elton John or Michael Jackson, back in their heydays.

3.  Who is your favorite James Bond?  

Roger Moore… and I know the social consequences for answering that way, but its for nostalgic reasons.  On Christmas, my dad would rent James Bond movies and as a family we would binge watch the day away and gorge on popcorn.

4.  First time you shot a gun. (where, when and what).

Here’s to my dad again.  On holidays, my grandpa would show up with a .22 and shoot soda cans in the pasture. My first recollection of this was when I was probably around 12. I didn’t shoot a gun again until I was introduced to Cowboy Mounted Shooting in 1998.

5.  If you were elected President of the USA, what would be your first executive action?

That sounds terrifying!  At this juncture, I’d likely just run and hide. 

6.  One life goal you haven’t accomplished yet. 

Comprehending math.

7.  You’re stuck on a 16 hour international flight…what’s on your reading list? 

Read schmead…..  those are prime hours to finally catch up on sleep! 

8.  If you can only put a single sentence on your tombstone, what would it be?

Taken from Winston Churchill:  No hour of life was wasted that was spent in the saddle.  

9.  In a movie about your life, which Hollywood actor would play you?

Reese Witherspoon

10.  One thing no one knows about you (until now).

I  floss my teeth while driving…. It’s my favorite pastime.

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