James Bond is the spy that we all want to be like.

Helpful Spyware: Gadgets That Would Make James Bond Jealous

His name is Bond, James Bond, and he lives an amazing life of visiting exotic locales, meeting sophisticated beautiful women, and saving the world from evil masterminds. Of course there’s fun gadgets too!

Although you can’t change places with the fictional super spy, you can share in his style of inventive gadgets and use them to save your own skin when trouble comes your way .

Go-Go Gadgets!

From shocking cell phones to pepper-spray infused writing utensils, to bulletproof clothing, there are gadgets in real-life today that mimic Q-branch’s top innovative devices, and they can be yours with just a few simple clicks of your mouse.

So gear up and be on alert for a possible Russian spy with spiked shoes, a seven-foot tall henchman with metal teeth, or just an ordinary punk on the street trying to shake you down. With these items, the Blofeld in your life won’t stand a chance.

Who wouldn't want a stun gun that could fend off attackers?

StreetWise Rechargeable Cell Phone Stun Gun


You can appear cool and collected as you walk down the street on your “cell phone”, but at the first sign of danger this faux communication device turns into an attacker’s worst nightmare. If the visual crackling sparks doesn’t send him running, then with just one button you can “fry” your foe with nearly six-million volts of electric punishment. After the incident, you can just replace the phone onto your belt clip and go about your business with no one the wiser. They say too much cell phone use can be dangerous and this little baby proves it!


  • Appears as an ordinary cell phone 
  • Integrated LED flashlight 
  • Powerful charge delivers roughly six million volts 
  • “Disable Pin” Prevents attackers from using it on you
  • Easy-to-carry in purse, pocket, or included holster with belt clip

MSRP: $61.95


A pepperball blaster is way more Bond like than any old can of pepper spray.

Pepperball Compact Launcher 


When lethal force isn’t needed, but you still need protection from trouble coming your way, this pocket-sized helper is exactly what you require. Utilizing compressed air, the launcher sends an irritant-filled ball rapidly towards the threat. Upon impact the ball release its eye-burning cloud and incapacitates the assailant while you counter attack or flee the scene and get help. The range is three times what traditional pepper spray can cover and is reusable with replacement air cartridges and pepper-dust projectiles. 


  • Compact design easily fits in purse, pocket or briefcase
  • Shoots up to thirty feet with great accuracy 
  • Non-direct hits can still incapacitate attacker
  • Projects “round” of pepper-blend irritant 
  • Easily reloads with replacement air source and projectile 

MSRP: $24.99


Bulletproof armor that you can wear on a daily basis can mean the difference between life and death.

BulletProof Zone The Perfect Tank Top MC Armor with Side Protection 


The world is, without a doubt, dangerous and unpredictable, and without warning you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and bullets could be flying. This tank top gives you a fighting chance against an active shooter, a random sniper, or just some punk with a gun and an attitude. The material offers level IIIA protection, is breathable under most conditions, protects vital organs and features limited side protection from random shots. Multiply your odds of survival with this garment as part of your everyday wardrobe


  • Tank offers IIIA NIJ Certified protection 
  • Comfortable front and back protection for vital organs 
  • Breathable mesh for utmost comfort 
  • Fast-drying garment 
  • Weight: approximately 3.00 pounds 

MSRP: $950.00


An umbrella that stuns unsuspecting goons is just what the doctor ordered.

Street Wise Stunbrella 


Every sophisticated person needs an umbrella on those rainy days. However, this mini wonder offers protection in the form or an electrical shock. Designed to mimic the look and feel of an umbrella, this stun gun lets loose thirty-two million volts of defensive power onto anyone choosing to get physical with you. It offers distance, an easy handle trigger activation, and a rechargeable battery that keeps this baby juiced-up for cross-town traveling. The Stunbrella also doubles as a flashlight for when times are peaceful, and you need to find your way in the dark. Full instructions and a charging cable are included.


  • Thumb-activated safety switch prevents accidental discharge 
  • Integrated LED flashlight for nighttime travel 
  • Features a rechargeable battery with standard outlet plug
  • Lightweight design for easy carrying 
  • Squeeze-to-stun feature for instant defense 

MSRP: $26.95


Being able to carry your lunch and shield yourself from attackers, priceless.

Bullet Blocker Full Length Shield Briefcase 


What appears to be a normal briefcase offers a lifesaving surprise. Don’t be caught in the crossfire without this amazing transforming bulletproof shield. With just a quick release activation, this carry bag converts to a full body bulletproof shield, powerful enough to resist bullets from a .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 9mm, and even .45 caliber with hollow point ammunition. When it’s not protecting you, the unit offers multiple pockets for small personal items and a comfortable carrying handle for long treks across town. 


  • Tested to the NIJ IIIA standards
  • Removable Kevlar bulletproof interior for easy cleaning 
  • Lightweight design weighs only eight pounds 
  • Quick opening mechanism for fast protection 
  • Opens to full body length for optimum protection 

MSRP: $820.00


Neat, discreet, and able to pack some serious heat, this pen has it all!

Sabre pepper Spray Pen


This pen may give the sword a run for its money concerning which is mightier when trouble comes your way. The SABRE “pen” is easily concealable within your shirt or jacket pocket and offers eye-burning results for those out to do you harm. This slim defense weapon has a range of nearly eight feet and offers over a dozen bursts, so it works well against multiple attackers. It’s backed by SABRE’s longtime results as leaders in the pepper spray industry with its “Made in the USA” ingredients and no-fail operation.  


  • Maximum strength formula ensures effective results 
  • Eight-foot range offers safe distance defense 
  • Unit fires up to fifteen shots until emptied 
  • Discreet, slim design takes the form of an ordinary pen
  • Included web links offer free training videos for optimal use

MSRP: $9.99


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