grenade types
(Photo by Straight 8 Photography)

5 Grenade Types and How To Properly Throw Them

“Close” only counts in horseshoes, women and hand grenades. Gather round and take a knee. It’s time to get schooled on five grenade types. FRAG OUT!

Any soldier worth his salt knows that when he hears the phrase “Frag Out!” shit is about to get real interesting. “Frag” is short for fragmentation grenades, used to kill the enemy through the high-velocity projection of fragments. What does that mean, you ask? It means a Snake Eater with a grenade has a hand-held, hand-armed, hand-thrown instrument of death in his arsenal. 

  • The average soldier can throw the M67 grenade 35 meters.
  • Kill Radius = five meters; casualty radius = 15 meters
Frag Out
(Photo by Straight 8 Photography)

Grenade Types

  • Fragmentation: Used when you absolutely have to kill everyone in the room.
  • Chemical: Used to clear the sinuses of those pesky ANTIFA protesters.
  • Offensive: Creates a nice little concussion effect to get the bad guys’ ears bleeding. Use this in tight locations.
  • Smoke: Mainly used for signaling or outdoor rave parties. 
  • Incendiary: Burns at 4,000 degrees, even underwater. This is a nice little instrument to destroy vehicles or compromising hard drives.

What Makes It Go Boom

Modern grenades have a 2.5-inch diameter steel case that contains close to seven ounces of high-explosive substance made up of Composition B material. 

How to Throw a Grenade

  • Locate your target (make sure you’re not in the blast radius).
  • Grasp the entire grenade (including the spoon) with a tight grip.
  • Pull the pin with opposite hand (use your teeth if you’re a hardass).
  • Cock your arm back and throw the grenade like you’re Cy Young.
  • Get behind cover. Watching your blast is foolish, and the enemy will probably die laughing at you. 

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  • Bubba Grunt 0302

    You forgot to instruct to always hold a grenade with the spoon under your thumb. That way, no matter what happens, you can’t accidently release the spoon with the grenade in hand.

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