Selling on eBay is a fantastic way to make extra money.
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Overnight Entrepreneur: Eight Ways To Make Money From Your Couch

Ok, let me start by making myself very clear. I am not a millionaire, not even close. However, I have some wealthy friends and have learned some tricks from them here and there that have made me a hundredaire. One thing I am, however, is a hustler. If I can buy and flip something for a profit, especially without leaving home, except to ship, I will.

Ask my wife, our garage is simply an unorganized warehouse of crap to sell. And sell it I will. About ten years ago, I went three years doing nothing but hustling, no day gig, but all my bills were paid on time and in full.

Let’s get cracking and learn how to make the Benjis while at the crib in your undies.

1. Selling On eBay

If you are like me, you buy a bunch of stuff at garage sales and flea markets that you will eventually have to sell in a garage sale or at a flea market. Then again, there is trusty old eBay. I have been on eBay since 1999, and it has been a love-hate relationship, mostly love though. Whenever I need extra cash, I find something lying around, snap and upload pics and list it. It’s easy. But I suggest buying a home scale and getting a free discounted shipping software program like Pirate Ship. It will save you time and money at the Post Office.

2. Become A YouTuber

 Become infamous. Everyone likes to think they are talented or at least somewhat interesting. Many YouTubers are far less than attractive to the eye, but they put themselves out there doing whatever their thing is. Warning: YouTubers get a lot of nasty comments on their videos no matter who or how skilled they are. It’s a part of the package, just post, make money and ignore the Haters.

Setting up a drop shipping service can be a great way to earn extra income.
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3. Get Drop Ship Accounts Set Up

 There are a lot of companies like Amazon that have drop ship programs. Set up your LLC, set up an Amazon account and accounts with other drop shippers, and start advertising all over social media. You get paid to sell something that you do not keep inventory or must ship yourself. Kind of a no-brainer, especially if you have a lot of time on your hands.

4. Exploit Yourself On A Fans Only page

 Hell, why not? If you got the looks and body, set up a page for Fans Only pics, videos, and live streaming. If you aren’t really hooking up for services, you should be ok.

5. Bitcoin And Other Crypto Currencies

 This one is tricky. I am not going to recommend that you invest your entire $27.98 fortune into Cryptocurrencies, but I have had some personal friends make a good deal of quick cash. Investing is always a huge gamble. Just don’t be reckless, and you should be ok.

Are you a gambler? Online gambling may just be for you if you are looking to make extra cash.
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6. Online Gambling

 I know way too many people that have lost their pants gambling. Then again, I know some guys that make a good living at it. I used to have a friend name Jimmy D who is a professional poker player, he does exceptionally well. I don’t know how well he would do with online gambling, though, since a poker face is worthless. Tread carefully on this one.

7. Selling On Facebook Market Place And Social Media Platforms

 Facebook, Offer Up, Mercari, and Craigs List. They are all places to sell goods, and you can make great money without the overhead. However, you must be extremely careful. If I am not shipping an item, I meet in front of a police station. A lot of people get robbed while meeting up to sell stuff. I am also not a fan of porch pick-ups, as I don’t want to give out my address to strangers just in case the deal goes south. To each his own on this one.

8. Become A Sneakerhead And Sell Shoes

 You would be surprised how much used shoes can go for. My son and his buddies buy shoes, wear them, and sell them for double or triple what they paid. Yeah, it’s a no-brainer that a vintage pair of unused original Jordans will go for a mint. But try finding a pair of those cheap to flip. I know people who stalk Goodwill stores for used shoes and then sell them online. My bro bought a new Jeep Rubicon, all paid from flipping shoes. There is even a Sneaker Con that hits my hometown, and this blows my mind. It just goes to prove that people can make money selling anything.

Bonus Round

 Are you a musician? Set up a home studio, record some music and upload it to all the streaming platforms like Bandcamp. You may not get rich, but then again, you may get discovered and owe me a sandwich. Either way, you get nothing if you don’t try to go for it.

The bottom line is, don’t sit around complaining about money if you aren’t down to hustle.

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