5 Unbiased & Unpaid Reviews of Combat Flip Flops

CITIZEN 1 – The Operator

It’s hard to ignore that the intent of design with these had to be inspired first by the name. Like, what came first — the slippah or the name? These combat flip flops look great and they’re the epitome of keeping it simple while still demanding attention.

One of my favorite features that this flop uses … tubular nylon. I’ve used tubular nylon for so many things in my active duty days that I never once thought they’d eventually be a significant component of some solid flops. Combat Flip Flops aren’t flashy but simultaneously unique and weighty. I had the chance to get these flops sandy a few times at the beach and they performed well.  That claim goes beyond the style criteria and into the performance criteria. These flops are wide and just like snow shoes; they negotiated the sandy terrain with considerable ease and kept me on top of the sand for the majority of my beach routes.

HITS Their hardy, no-nonsense style. These flops will maintain their shape for quite some time.

MISSES I think you get what you get with these … there won’t be any form-fitting break-in evolution of how they’ll wear. 

RATING 9/10 Stars

NAME  Jimmy Teucaux

SKILLSET Active Duty Special Forces Operator and retired amateur competitive eater

CITIZEN 2 – The Teacher

The Combat Flip Flops are definitely durable. The rubber soles are sturdy and not likely to wear down over time. The bright pink nylon straps are soft and are adorned with a metal “grenade” charm which added a fun touch! The flip flops run true to size, they are not as snug as some sandals. The strap was a bit loose across the top of my feet. These shoes held up in both wet and dry conditions, although the heavy sole lacked traction, making it a little challenging while running errands in the rain! But then again, no flip flop or shoe is suited for that!

Overall, I liked the combat flip flops. If the straps held them just a bit tighter to my feet and the sole was a little more lightweight, I think they would make an awesome addition to anyone’s flip flop collection.

HITS Durable, sturdy soles, cute charm

MISSES Loose strap, no traction

RATING 8/10 Stars

NAME Jennifer C.

SKILLSET Elementary School Teacher, Adventure Racer

CITIZEN 3 – The Detective

The Floperator is built very tough, with strong nylon toe straps and a serious piece of comfortable rubber bottom.  The added morale patches were a nice touch if you’re into that sort of thing. I had a vacation coming up shortly after receipt of the Combat Flip Flops, and they lived up to my high expectations. The rubber grips to wet floors on the bottom and hugs your foot in a way that doesn’t require conscious effort to keep them on while walking.

After my use and abuse, I can only come up with one thing that I don’t agree with.  “Bad for running and worse for fighting” is the Combat Flip Flop slogan.  Quite frankly, if I didn’t have boots or shoes, I’d feel quite comfortable running and fighting in these.  In conclusion, if you need a pair, these will be the last flip flops you’ll have to purchase.

HITS Built strong, tough nylon straps, comfort


RATING 9/10 Stars


SKILLSET Active LE Detective/SWAT sniper/AmericanSnipers.org plank owner

SOCIAL MEDIA AmericanSnipers.org

CITIZEN 4 – The 3 Gunner

The La Chancla feature a combat boot rubber outsole with just enough tread to grip multiple surfaces while not overpowering the look and feel. I found this useful and very comfortable when walking across the gravel parking lot or roads at the range, or on slick surfaces on a wet day.

The combat flip flops sole, combined with the EVA Midlayer and deck, provided sturdiness not normally found in other models.

The nylon strap is skinny enough to keep a feminine feel, yet strong enough to handle whatever stride or environment you put them through. Overall, I feel that these flip flops stay true to their name — La Chancla. They are well constructed, fashionably fun and designed for a woman on the go. From the office, to the gym, or the range, I feel that I could wear these anywhere and not have to worry about whether or not I chose the right shoes. They fit easily in my purse or gym/range bag and won’t slow me down! And the best part is that every purchase funds one day of secondary school for an Afghan girl. Not only do you get a comfortable pair of flip flops, you help make a difference in someone else’s life.

HITS Feminine yet durable; combat sole provides stability and grip; compact to fit easily in a bag

MISSES Sole could be too narrow for wide feet; loose straps could be too loose for skinny feet; smell of rubber took time to fade

RATING 9/10 Stars


SKILLSET Firearms Marketing & Communications Professional, 3-Gunner, CrossFitter, Adventurer

SOCIAL MEDIA @Shoot_4_Gold

CITIZEN 5 – The Scout Sniper

I  head out to our long-range facility which currently has running water down most of the canyons. After walking through about two grid squares in and out of the wash, I noticed a major difference between the CFFs and my regular wears. By comparison, my normal wears kept slipping off my feet and felt like I was walking on snot, which could be attributed to their prior use and low-quality foam makeup. After getting frustrated with jamming my toes and falling a few times, I switched over to the CFFs.

The Floperators have a texture very reminiscent of the rubber tile floors used in most gyms and this made for a more pleasant stroll.

To test my Floperators,  I walked through approximately a mile of fine river-bottom sand to see how badly they would chafe up the tops of my feet. I noticed that the nylon webbing used for the straps didn’t have as much sand stuck to it as my normal sandals, and its softer makeup felt better than what seemed like the 80-grit sandpaper used on my other pair.

HITS The Floperators are well made and overall comfortable for around the house or at the beach, where you will not be doing a tremendous amount of walking. The company is veteran owned so that’s awesome in my book.

MISSES Overall, they lacked in form and support compared to other brands on the market. At the end of the day, they are sandals, and there should be a certain level of understanding about this even really being a miss.

RATING8/10 Stars


SKILLSET Director of Training for Strategic Armory Corps,

Long Range instructor, Tiki Carver, and all around swell guy.


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