WATCH: Skillset Cover Man Colion Noir Joins the Joe Rogan Podcast

You’re all familiar with Colion Noir. We state that as a fact because he graced the summer 2020 cover of Skillset Magazine. And, of course, you all have that issue on your table table right now and you’ve read it cover to cover a bunch of times. We knew we could count on you, Skillset fam. Well, Colion Noir continued his busy summer this week, as he joined the Joe Rogan podcast.

Colion Noir Joins Joe Rogan

“The Joe Rogan Experience” is currently the most popular podcast in the U.S. We didn’t make that up. It actually is, according to So it’s a pretty big feather in Noir’s cap.

Rogan has had his share of “gun guys” on the podcast before, including Pat McNamara. Meanwhile, Noir, a staple of the gun community, spoke with Rogan about gun laws, the Second Amendment, the NRA, and a lot more. He even spoke about something he loves even more than guns: Cars. What more could you want?

Rogan released the podcast Tuesday. It’s three hours long, so buckle up and enjoy. Also, on the off chance you haven’t grabbed the summer 2020 issue, we’ve got you covered. Head over to now and pick up a single copy or subscription.

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