Center Mass #47– The Craziness Continues

In this episode we are going to talk about the continued craziness around the gun world.  From the relentless attacks on our 2A rights to the lunacy being spewed by presidential candidates.


  • First, you need some factual presuppositions to put things in perspective.
    1. There is criminal law, civil law, and the laws of physics. There are no such things as “gun laws”. Any use of the term “gun laws” is an intentional democrat misdirect designed to generate a canned, inappropriate response. Laws are for law abiding people.
    2. There are no such things as “gun crimes”. Any use of the term is an intentional democrat misdirection, designed to mislead sentient beings into generating a canned response. There are crimes, usually committed by democrats, involving weapons, but the focus should be on the criminals, not the tools. All focus should be on enforcing existing criminal laws against criminals. Only problem there is 97% of criminals are democrats, and enforcement would effect the democrat primary voter base.
    3. There are no such things as “gun rights”! Any use of the term is an intentional democrat misdirection psyop, designed to mislead people into generating canned responses. There are only peoples rights, given by god, annotated in original religious source documents, recognized in the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.
    4. There is no such thing as “gun control”. There are communist democrat gun confiscation programs, solely designed to disarm law abiding citizens, and destroy the U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights. All focus should be on crime control. But that would focus attention primarily on the communist democrats, and they can’t stand the light.
    4. We do not have a democracy in the U.S., we have a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. Any use of the term democracy is generally misleading, based on an incorrect definition. A democracy is majority rule, mob rule, power elite rule. Like Afghanistan…
    5. We do not have a rule of law government, or system in the U.S.! We have a Rule of CONSTITUTIONAL Law system. The exact opposite of RoL. RoL is a top down government, with no “we the people” component. (Afghanistan). The U.S. government is based on “we the people”, is a bottom up government. We the people rule, and are supposed to give the government it’s entitled powers, and nothing more…
    Lesson- attention to detail, own the language, source all words and phrases, never use a single communist democrat buzz phrase, never acknowledge a single fake news generated passage as they are only designed to ring in the hollow heads of people with no functioning cause and effect genes (democrats, lemmings, rino’s, and zombies). Completely eliminate “gun crimes”, “gun rights”, “gun anything” from your vocabulary. Hold criminals accountable. Leave law abiding citizens alone.

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