Center Mass #43: John Gittus and the Powder Keg

In this episode we are going to visit with the owner of one of the most unique gun shops in the world. Built as a true speakeasy with hidden doorway it is a fantastic intimate gun shopping experience. Today we are going to share the password!


  • Now that you are affiliated with Crimson Trace I’m hoping you can recommend a weapon-mounted light that would work best for hunting. More specifically I am looking for a light that works when Raccoon hunting and can also be used for predator hunting. I have a good headlamp that I use but when I am aiming my Super Sixty rifle into the tree the headlamp does not point at the animal. I currently have a cheap china light that barely gets the job done and now I want to upgrade it. I need a light that goes from barely enough to shine their eyes to lighting up the top of the tree, like its daytime. I don’t need anything in between and hate strobing lights. Weight is also important. Battery life matters but not as much. As long as it lasts a couple of hours at full light and the batteries can be swapped out that is all I need. Thanks again and I look forward to your response.

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