Knowing how to use a generator is an important skill set.

How To Use A Generator: What Power Outage?

Climate change seems to be all over the news as of late. Is it real? Is it fake? Should we

The Viet-song were masters of the booby trap.

Home-Made Booby Traps: 7 Non-Lethal Traps To Set For Home Invaders

Admit it. You were secretly in awe of young Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. His impromptu booby traps would make

Sandstorms can be deadly if you don't know how to take proper precautions.

How To Survive A Sandstorm: From Baghdad To Burning Man

Anyone who has driven the I-10 interstate from LA to Phoenix has probably encountered a sandstorm. I think they are

knowing how to treat a burn is a very important skill.

How To Treat A Burn: Basic First Aid Treatments

The mule deer were really active this morning, and we were able to tag out early. Now we have time

A tomahawk can be a very deadly weapon in the right persons hand.

Hatchet Vs Tomahawk: Which Handheld Chopper Reigns Supreme?

To many people, a hatchet and a tomahawk are simply small axes, without noticeably different characteristics from their bigger brothers. But

Knowing how to apply a tourniquet correctly can save your life.

How To Apply A Tourniquet Correctly: Because Death Is Not An Option

Tourniquets save lives. Disregard what you read or learned in the 90s from that community first-aid course as the global

What You Will Learn In A Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Course is a very important civilian skill set to have.

What You Will Learn In A Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Course

If you’ve been around firearms or trauma medicine, you’ve probably heard of TCCC or Tactical Combat Casualty Care. This developed

Learning Krav Maga from well trained instructors is very important for your life.

Benefits Of Learning Krav Maga: Don’t Pick A Fight With The IDF

It’s called Krav Maga. ( It’s pronounced Krav Ma-gah, not Krav Macgraw ( that’s Tim McGraw’s cousin) Why Krav Maga

Quit self diagnosing and visit the emergency room.

When To Go To The Emergency Room: Quit Googling That Stomach Pain

I am not a doctor, nor do I aspire to be a doctor. Consult a doctor if you have medical

Having a proper buyout tent is a must.

Emergency Preparedness: How Ready Are You For Disaster?

You hear the commotion and you know a disaster is coming, what does that look like to you? It’s going