Center Mass Gun Bunnies Episode 101

Center Mass #101: Gun Bunny Breakdown with Paige Roux

Many years ago, I quickly discovered what the term “gun bunnies” meant. Typically, they were scantily clad women posing with guns

Daisy Hawkins visits Skillset Live in episode 185!

Skillset Live Episode #185: Daisy Hawkins – We The People!

Skillset political analyst, Daisy Hawkins, is back in the studio and she is fired up! Listen in as she breaks

Skillset Live Episode 184 with Jeff Bosley

Skillset Live Episode #184: Jeff Bosley

This week we welcome former Green Beret turn actor, Jeff Bosley back to the show. We get the inside scoop

Center Mass Episode 100

Center Mass Episode #100: 2A Supporter Isaiah Washington

Actor and 2A supporter, Isaiah Washington joins us this week as we celebrate the 100th episode of Center Mass! Listen

Skillset Live Episode 183

Skillset Live Episode #183: Lt Col Dan Rooney

This week we are honored to have combat fighter pilot, Lt Col Dan Rooney as a guest on Skillset Live. Listen

CZ-USA Center Mass Episode 99

Center Mass #99 – The Day the Earth Stood Still with CZ-USA

Since the start of the pandemic, the firearms industry has been working non-stop. This week, CZ-USA’s Daniel Holder and I

Skillset Live Episode 182

Skillset Live Episode #182: Motivational Speaker Joshua Coburn

This week we push some positivity into your ear holes as we welcome author, motivational speaker and Skillset Man Skills

Presidential Election Episode 181

Skillset Live Episode #181: Presidential Election Hangover

Well, that escalated quickly. All hopes and dreams of a 24 hour presidential election have been shattered by hints of fraud,

Center Mass Episode 98

Center Mass #98: Officer Down – Civilian Response with Thomas Yoxall

On a dark and cold night in 2017, Thomas Yoxall’s life changed forever. While driving on a desolate stretch of Arizona highway,

Skillset Live Episode 180

Skillset Live Episode #180: Cop Talk – Volume 1

Welcome to our new monthly segment at Skillset Live called Cop Talk, where we bring in active LEO’s and let