Center Mass #5 – Beyond the CCW Permit – The Training Continues

Today we look at the necessity of firearms training beyond a general permit class. Join Fred Mastison along with special

Center Mass #4 – Ballistic Art – A visit with Jason Burton of Heirloom Precision

Today we are joined in studio by master gunsmith Jason Burton.  We discuss what goes into creating one of the

Center Mass #3 – America – Guts, Glory and Guns with Frank DeSomma

In this episode we are joined in studio by Mr. Patriot Frank DeSomma of Patriot Ordnance Factory and Jason Swarr

Center Mass #2 – Choosing the Right Handgun

Join us as we show you how to pick the right handgun.  With special guests Karen Hunter of Force Options

Center Mass #1 – Full Size or Micros – Summer Concealed Carry

Today we look at all of the considerations that go into concealed carry in the summer time.  Join Fred Mastison