Center Mass Episode 97

Center Mass Episode #97: Q’s “Honey Badger” vs The ATF

Q’s “Honey Badger” and several other models have recently come under attack by the ATF for being “designed to be shouldered”,

Center Mass Episode 96 with AK Mario.

Center Mass #96: Major Match Recap with AK Mario

After a heavy weekend of competing in separate major events, AK Mario and I sat down this week to debrief

Skillset Live Episode 179

Skillset Live Episode #179: Byron Rogers – Executive Protection Lifestyle

This week we sit down with EP specialist, Byron Rogers and discuss what it takes to dive into the protection

Center Mass Episode 95

Center Mass #95: Amy Covey Barrett and Your Future 2A Rights

Tony Simon, the founder of “Diversity Shoot” and 2A4E (The 2nd Is For Everyone) Podcast, joins the show to discuss the 2A

Skillset Live Episode 178

Skillset Live Episode #178: 2020 Presidential Debacle Breakdown

Well, that escalated quickly. The first Presidential Debate is in the books and most of America is left scratching their

Center Mass Episode 94

Center Mass #94: The Future of the 2nd Amendment

This week I sat down with Jason Swarr from Skillset Magazine to chat about the future of the 2nd Amendment.

Skillset Live Episode 177 with Sheriff Michael Neal.

Skillset Live Episode #177: Full Blown Firefight – Sheriff Michael Neal

This week we welcome Sheriff Michael Neal from Monroe County, Arkansas to the show as he walks us through one

Center Mass Episode 93

Center Mass #93: The 2nd Is For Everyone with Tony Simon

Center Mass welcomes Tony Simon, founder and host of the “Diversity Shoot” and 2A4E (The 2nd Is For Everyone) Podcast. As a part

Skillset Live Episode 176

Skillset Live Episode #176: 9/11 – We Will Never Forget

In this episode of Skillset Live, we travel back 19 years to one of the most horrific days in American

Center Mass Episode 92

Center Mass #92: The Republic of California with Scott Folk

After spending several days in California, I had the opportunity to observe the infringement of the 2nd Amendment firsthand. I