Skillset Live Episode 172

Skillset Live Episode #172: Daisy vs QAnon

This week we welcome Daisy, Skillset’s political analyst, back to the studio to test her knowledge on QAnon conspiracy theories. Will she buy

Center Mass Episode 89

Center Mass #89: Travis Haley – Start Questioning Everything

Since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, Travis Haley has laid relatively low when it comes to voicing his opinions

Skillset Live Episode 171 with Sheriff Mark Lamb

Skillset Live Episode #171: Sheriff Mark Lamb

The American Sheriff is back in the Skillset HQ! In this amazing interview we talk about his recent Covid-19 recovery,

Center Mass episode 88.

Center Mass #88: Citizen Militias: A threat to society or themselves?

This week Jason and Ben from Skillset Live jump in as guest hosts to discuss the recent negligent discharge by

Center Mass Episode 87

Center Mass #87: Firearms Proficiency in Military and Law Enforcement

Sean Sante and Nate Gerhert of Range Time, a firearm simulation-based training facility, stopped by the studio to chat about

Skillset Live Episode 170

Skillset Live Episode #170: Pat Miletich

This week we are honored to be talking with UFC Hall of Famer and co-host of The Conspiracy Farm, Pat

Center Mass Episode 86

Center Mass #86: Racism and the 2A Community

With the current racial turmoil in America, I sat down with new firearms business owner, Dave Bones from Down The

Skillset Live Episode 169

Skillset Live Episode #169: Tommy Vext – Bad Wolves

This week we sit down with Bad Wolves front man, Tommy Vext to learn about his history in the NY

Skillset Live Bucket List

Skillset Live Episode #168: 3 Things To Do Before I Die

If there is one thing we’ve learned lately, it’s that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Join Skillset hosts, Jason and Ben as