Cowboi Cole had to continue to work and grind his heart out to reach the top.

Be Your Own Boss: The Rise Of Cowboi Cole

How did I become the great Cowboi Cole that stands before you today? Why, I came out of the womb

In the year 1782, Deborah dressed like a man, and was able to join the United States Army during the American Revolutionary War.

Weird History: Deborah Sampson, American Heroine!

Born in December of 1760 in Massachusetts, Deborah Sampson had six siblings. The family line came directly from the Pilgrims;

Learning a trade like welding can lead to many high paying blue collar jobs in the industrial field.

The Top Five Blue Collar Jobs In America

Now more than ever, Americans are learning the importance blue-collar workers play in the U.S. economy. From retail workers ringing

The wilderness is a beautiful place, but things can turn deadly fast if you aren't prepared.

Believing These 21 Survival Myths Could Get You Killed

Growing up, we often hear many myths, legends, and old wives’ tales, such as plucking a hair will cause more

BJJ is a defensive style that can take quite a while to master, especially since much of it relies on your opponent.

Skillset Fight Club: 5 Of The Best Jiu-Jitsu Moves For Beginners

We all know self-defense skills are crucial, especially in this day and age. Most people do not realize you don’t

Now with seven years under his belt and plenty of skateboards designed, Walker’s artistic endeavor is thriving.

Be Your Own Boss: Skateboard Craftsmen, Bear Walker

Bear Walker looked forward to completing his senior project in 2011 at Clemson University and moving on to graduation. He

Learn how you can defend yourself with just a stick toady on skillsetmag, and your attacker will never know what hit them.

Skillset Fight Club: How To Defend Yourself With Just A Stick

Weapons come in all shapes and sizes. From the finality of a firearm to the concealability of a razor-sharp knife

The Vikings took their funerals seriously and were somewhat afraid of death.

Weird History: Viking Funerals Were Epic

Vikings have a particular reputation attached to them. Usually, that reputation is filled with violent acts, pillaging, and an overall

As much as airlines pride themselves on their customer service policies and procedures, some problems cannot be avoided or are influenced by outside factors.

How To Survive Airline Cancelations: Travel Painlessly In 2023

After Southwest Airlines’ historic 2022 holiday meltdown, where more than two-thirds of its flights were canceled over three days, many

The Department of Justice gives a legal definition of human trafficking as "a crime that involves compelling or coercing a person to provide labor or services, or to engage in commercial sex acts.

How To Spot Signs Of Human Trafficking

The little girl feels a shock of fear pulse through her body as the blacked-out non-descript van screeches around the