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Sheriff Mark Lamb and an American flag in Pinal County, AZ

Sheriff Mark Lamb: America’s Sheriff on Faith, Family & the Constitution

On Jan. 1, 2017, Mark Lamb was elected as the 24th Sheriff of Pinal County, Ariz. He was sworn in

CIA tried to kill Castro with an exploding cigar!

The 5 Craziest Fidel Castro Assassination Plots From the CIA

The CIA and creativity go hand-in-hand. Take, for instance, its creation of wild programs like MK-Ultra. Which, among other things,

A Merc gives a serious and cold stare to the camera.

Merc Work: The Golden Age of the Mercenary From the ’60s and ’70s

“Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of cognac on an APC! It’s a merc life for me!” Well, OK, maybe not quite

St Louis Detective Ira Cooper always caught the bad guys!

From Eye Doctor To Case Solver: Ira Cooper, St. Louis’ Cerebral Crimefighter

Newspaper articles from decades ago sporadically documented the major cases of police Lt. Ira Luther Cooper, the first African American

Hitmen Tools Of The Trade

Master Assassins: Real Or Just Exaggerated Myth?

The truth is that although there are master assassins out there in the world that are not dissimilar to the

Assassins Closet Hitmen Gear

The Assassin’s Closet: Ultimate Gear For High-Class Hitmen

Similar to the socio-economic groups that exist within the stereotypical lives of families everywhere, there’s a hierarchy and class structure

Suck It Up Buttercup

Suck It Up! Hip-Pocket Survival With Sergeant Paine

All right, you barrel-chested freedom fighters, bring it on around and take a knee for your safety brief, but watch

Spotlight Of One Of The Most Feared Military Forces: Spartan Warriors

Spartan Warriors trained in Pankration and Agoge. Pankration is an ancient Greek martial art of boxing and grappling. Agoge is a rigorous

Why The RPG Is Such An Awesome Weapon

The Devil’s Arrow: Why The RPG Is Still A Super Bad Ass Weapon

For millennials, “RPG” stands for “role playing game.” But warfighters know it as an inexpensive, simple to use anti-tank, shoulder-fired grenade launcher.

AK-47 Trivia

AK-IQ: 6 Time-Tested Kalashnikov Rifles From Mother Russia

Most people see the AK-47 style rifles in movies and on TV and think they’re pretty cool. But they are