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Rally School track pic

Riding Shotgun With the Team O’Neil Rally School

It’s time to make a confession. I have never personally owned a manual-transmission car. For a guy in his mid-40s,

US Navy Seal Andy Arrabito, founder of Half Face Blades.

Half Face Blades: Q&A With Founder, Retired Navy SEAL Andy Arrabito

Half Face Blades was founded by Andrew Arrabito, a Naval Special Warfare Operator (SEAL). After retirement from the teams, Andrew

Base Jumping

Base Jumping 101: 11 Questions With Wingsuit Pilot Carlos Pedro Briceño

Carlos Pedro Briceño relates best to this quote by Leonardo da Vinci: “For once you have tasted flight you will

Motocross Champ Ryder DiFrancesco

The Moto Minion: Why Ryder DiFrancesco Is the Future of Motocross

Editor’s Note: This article first ran in Skillset back in 2018. To quote the eloquent Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast.

Metal Engraving, Jeff Parke

Metal Engraving 101 With Hand Engraver Jeff Parke

It seems like every morning is Christmas when we arrive at the studio and crank on the computers. There is

Lumberjack, Lumberjacks, logging trade, logger

Lumberjack Living: Building the Country One Tree at a Time

The lumberjack opens his eyes wearily, body sore from the previous day’s 16 hours of labor. The air is crisp

vintage Hot Wheels

Why Being a Hot Wheels Collector Is a Solid Investment

In our series “The Collector,” we travel the globe in search of the most interesting acquisitions on the planet. Check out

Austin Weiss Metal Fabricator

The Art of Metal Fabrication With 'Grind Hard' Guru Austin Weiss

Austin Weiss, metal fabrication extraordinaire, sat down with Skillset for a glimpse into his work and his world. He has

Trask Performance assault bikes, assault motorcycles

How Trask Performance Puts Together Its Sexy 'Assault Bike' Motorcyles

There is no shortage of kick-ass custom motorcycles in this world. Every city has builders who are at the top

Welding Art, Cold Hard Art, Metal Art

Welding Art Is 20% Skill, 80% Imagination With Cold Hard Art

Artists like Tom Patsis are why we created Skillset Magazine. His range of talent as a fabricator and artist will