How To Win At Monopoly

Chairman Of The Board Game: How To Annihilate Your Fam In Monopoly

If Monopoly wasn’t a staple of your childhood, you probably grew up in communist Russia, where owning a game fit

Mindless Intel And Trivia

Insider Info #2: Sharpening The Mind With Mindless Intel

Crazy-Good Place To Live According to Professor Ryan Murphy’s research at Southern Methodist University, the top five states for the

Yo Uncle Mick, World Class Advice

Yo! Uncle Mick! World-class Life Advice from Micky “The Fish” O’Tool, Vol 1

Uncle Mick only has one rule…1st question’s free, but the next one’s gonna cost ya. Wax on, Wax off QUESTION: So,

Burger Trivia

Insider Info #1: Sharpening The Mind With Mindless Intel

Here at Skillset, we pride ourselves in sharing as much mindless trivia as possible in the coveted “Insider Info” section

Eds Manifesto journal entry.

Journal Entry From Ed’s Manifesto: The Sorrowful Mysteries

What follows is based on a journal entry of mine from a few years ago, when I was working for

Are you the guy that doesn't change the toilet paper rolls?

The Parable of the Two Toilet Paper Rolls: An Opinion Piece

Although in the photo it may look like there is still some paper on roll number two, there, where it

Are you a jerk? Take our quiz to find out.

Sorry Not Sorry: Are You A Social A**hole? Take Our Quiz To Find Out!

We have developed a quick quiz to see if you have the wherewithal to be a decent human being, or

Are you prepared to be an asset in a fight, or a liability?

Ask Yourself This Important Question: Are You An Asset Or A Liability?

How easy is it to make assumptions about your personal abilities? In an era where technology dominates, it’s all too

Coach teaching a student how to defend himself in the boxing ring.

Raising Real Men Again

Fatherhood was the greatest yet most terrifying thing ever to happen in my life. The fear started when my wife

Men's pulp magazines from the 50s and 60s had the best artwork!

A Look at the Original Pulp Magazines for Men of the 50s and 60s

Picture, if you can, a time before man buns and rompers on the covers of “men’s magazines.” A time before