Working out is wonderful in a well equipped home gym.

Equipment for the Perfect Home Gym: Building A Better Body At Home

One of the biggest roadblocks to getting equipment for a home gym is asking yourself, “What should I get?”  “Do

What You Need To Do Before Going To A Gym: Baby Steps

This article is for the people that the mere thought of stepping into a commercial gym, or any fitness center

Knowing how to break into your house when forgetting your keys is a great skillset

How to Break Into Your Own House: Without Looking Like a Burglar

Not everyone is Jerry Seinfeld and leaves the door unlocked for Kramer, Elaine, and George to pop in at any

Being in a bad mood can sometimes lead to more long term depression.

5 Ways To Overcome A Bad Mood: Focusing On Positive Mindset

Look, I know from experience what it’s like to be in a negative mindset, or a bad mood. The last

Weight loss is something 9 in 10 Americans say they want.

Weight Loss Bets: DO NOT Set You Up For Long Term Success

I want to start this off by saying there is nothing wrong with challenging yourself in the gym – you

The dark web exists, and it's no place for everyday people.

Be Afraid Of The Dark Web: The Mysterious Sub-Basement Of The Internet

Like there are bad neighborhoods around town that one should avoid in real-life, the same thinking should be applied to the internet. Because buried deep below the various

Change in one's life can be a scary thing.

Why Change Hurts So Good: Finding Friends At Forty

Ever since childhood we’ve always heard the phrase, “Make new friends!” from parental figures. As a kid that always seemed

Everyones favorite time of year, tax season.

Fantastic Things To Do With Your Tax Return: Treat Yo’ Self

It’s everybody’s favorite time of year, tax season. Depending on the type of person you are, this could be cause

90s comics are one of the hottest collectables to cash in on.

Clever Ways To Earn Extra Cash In 2022: How Hoarding Will Help You

We all want more. A nicer car, a bigger house, trips with our friends and family. But more of what

The 10th amendment is that is sets out the limits of the powers of the federal government.

The 10th Amendment Tutorial: It Doesn’t Work That Way…None Of This Works That Way

The founders of this great country did what they did because of personal experiences. To say they were brilliant is