Sema show is the definition of car guy heaven with something for every enthusiast.

Skillset Rewind 2022: Change Is Good For Everyone

As we look back on the year, it becomes obvious that a major shift occurred throughout the year at Skillset.

Making a realistic New Year's resolution start with having a strong belief system in place before you even begin.

How To Make A Realistic New Year’s Resolution

It’s almost that time to make your New Year’s resolution again. Time to make a promise for a thinner and

Learn how you can prevent suicide for yourself and loved ones this holiday season.

Mental Health Matters: How To Prevent Suicide This Holiday Season

Let’s be honest; the holidays, on paper, should be a time of good food, fellowship gathering, laughter, happiness, and sheer

Insane elections seem to the new normal these days and that's not a great thing for democracy.

Have Elections Always Been Crazy? Insane Elections Are The Normal

We just made it through another election cycle. Well, unless you live in Arizona, where insane elections seem to happen

Getting elected to public office will take a lot of your time and effort.

How To Get Elected: The Beginners Guide To Running For Public Office

As a society that operates as a democratic republic, our government consists of elected offices at all levels of said

American Made clothing is more than just a symbol of our pride, it may just be what helps this country get back on track.

How To Buy American-Made Clothing: Made In The USA Is The Only Way

American-made clothing has made a big resurgence in the past ten years, as well as it should. The more we

Owning a Tesla just may be the best thing you ever do, here's 5 reasons why.

Top Five Reasons To Buy A Tesla: Going Green Isn’t One Of Them

Every vehicle I’ve owned drank gasoline and pissed excellence until I bought a Tesla. I’m not one to worry about

Is Elon musk the man who will save Twitter and more importantly free speech for the entire world?

The Elon Musk Twitter Battle: Free Speech, Freedom, And Firearms

After much anticipation and all the drama we come to expect around anything involving Elon Musk, his deal with Twitter

Learning how to push through the dark times and reaching out for help is the key to suicide prevention.

There’s Always Hope: Because Suicide Prevention Is Every Month

Don’t kill yourself! Yes, I opened this article with the only thing I genuinely care that you read.September is “Suicide

Do you ever find yourself staring off into space, wondering what five weird jobs actually pay well are? Yeah, us neither.

The Top Five Weird Jobs That Actually Pay

The TV flickers in the living room as the sound of popcorn popping comes from the kitchen. Pots and pans